Craig Enokian: Video game with playback of live events. Ernest Kettelson, May 5, 1987: US04662635 (71 worldwide citation)

A video game in which a television screen or cathode ray tube is used to display a variety of plays previously preformed by living beings and recorded at the time on a video recording medium, such as video tape or video disks, the particular previously performed play which is displayed during each t ...

Douglas Bell, Michael Leabman: System and method for smart registration of wireless power receivers in a wireless power network. Energous Corporation, Eric L Sophir, Dentons US, January 3, 2017: US09538382 (70 worldwide citation)

The embodiments described herein include a transmitter that transmits a power transmission signal (e.g., radio frequency (RF) signal waves) to create a three-dimensional pocket of energy. At least one receiver can be connected to or integrated into electronic devices and receive power from the pocke ...

Dennis J Iannazo, James W Lacy, Cheryl J White: Football interactive simulation trainer. Dennis J Lannazzo, James W Lacy, James E Bradley, March 16, 1999: US05882204 (70 worldwide citation)

A football interactive simulation trainer for quarterbacks and kickers provides true perspective views of a simulated playing area during practice plays, as would be seen by a training player on a regulation size football field during an actual play. The trainer includes a sonic tracking system whic ...

John W Reed: Protective helmet containing an integral transceiver. Richard C Litman, August 25, 1992: US05142700 (66 worldwide citation)

A protective helmet, such as a football helmet, motorcycle helmet, construction helmet, or the like comprises a shell made of impact-resistant material. Inside of the helmet is a complete transceiver system which allows two-way wireless communication between persons in the same location or to a remo ...

William Walter Bohnhoff: Subsurface fluid drainage and storage systems. Invisible Structures, December 15, 1998: US05848856 (65 worldwide citation)

There is provided by the invention a subsurface drainage system which promotes efficient and controlled subsurface drainage of fluids, such as irrigation water, applied to the surface of land such as a football field. A drain core apparatus is provided that provides rapid infiltration and later move ...

Colin MacIntosh, Tony Rice, Shaun Holthouse, Igor Van de Griendt: Sports sensor. MNT Innovations, Connolly Bove Lodge & Hutz, October 11, 2011: US08036826 (65 worldwide citation)

A data logger for a monitoring sports which includes an accelerometer, a gyro sensor to sense angular displacement, a GPS unit to sense position and velocity, a magnetometer to sense direction of movement, a heart rate monitor, and a controller programmed to manipulate the data and provide a display ...

William J Bowerman: Athletic shoe for artificial turf with molded cleats on the sides thereof. BRS, Klarquist Sparkman Campbell Leigh Hall & Whinston, March 25, 1980: US04194310 (65 worldwide citation)

Athletic shoes with molded cleats of resilient material for use on artificial turf or other hard surfaces are disclosed including first cleats provided on the bottom of the shoe sole positioned beneath the foot of the wearer and second cleats provided on both sides of the shoe. The second cleats are ...

Steven Rehkemper, Michael Kass, Bret Gould: Electronic football capable of measuring throwing statistics. Rehco, June 24, 2003: US06582330 (64 worldwide citation)

The electronic football of the present invention is capable of calculating various throwing statistics. The electronic football includes a start switch in communication with a timer means that starts when the start switch is released approximately simultaneously when the football is thrown. Upon imp ...

Thad M Ide, Ralph J Infusino, Nelson Kraemer, Christopher R P Withnall, Timothy D Bayne: Football helmet. Riddell, Wallenstein Wagner & Rockey, August 30, 2005: US06934971 (63 worldwide citation)

A new football helmet includes: a jaw flap attached to the ear flap of the helmet, and the jaw flap overlies the sides of the lower jaw of football player; and a face guard connector which includes a shock absorbing member.

Craig Johnston: Sports shoe for activities which involve kicking a ball. Zermatt Holdings, Hoffmann & Baron, August 1, 1995: US05437112 (63 worldwide citation)

A football boot (10) comprises an upper (12) formed with a ball contact surface (24) which is resilient. The ball contact surface may be generally flat and/or concave and provided with a plurality of formations formed of an elastomeric material, wherein the ball contact surface (24) and/or the forma ...

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