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A combined bank for coins and noisemaker forms an attractive and durable hand-held device for displaying the name of a favorite athletic team or the like at indoor and outdoor events. Provision was made for advertising indicia on the device. The body portion can be shaped to resemble a football or o ...

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A protective gear assembly includes cantilever-type protective pads to be used by those athletes engaged in contact sports such as football, hockey, etc. The pads are releasably attached to a one piece padded vest type jacket by strap like members which pass through apertures thereon. The vest jacke ...

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A football interactive simulation trainer for quarterbacks and kickers provides true perspective views of a simulated playing area during practice plays, as would be seen by a training player on a regulation size football field during an actual play. The trainer includes a sonic tracking system whic ...

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A data logger for a monitoring sports which includes an accelerometer, a gyro sensor to sense angular displacement, a GPS unit to sense position and velocity, a magnetometer to sense direction of movement, a heart rate monitor, and a controller programmed to manipulate the data and provide a display ...

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There is provided by the invention a subsurface drainage system which promotes efficient and controlled subsurface drainage of fluids, such as irrigation water, applied to the surface of land such as a football field. A drain core apparatus is provided that provides rapid infiltration and later move ...

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A protective helmet, such as a football helmet, motorcycle helmet, construction helmet, or the like comprises a shell made of impact-resistant material. Inside of the helmet is a complete transceiver system which allows two-way wireless communication between persons in the same location or to a remo ...

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A new football helmet includes: a jaw flap attached to the ear flap of the helmet, and the jaw flap overlies the sides of the lower jaw of football player; and a face guard connector which includes a shock absorbing member.

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Athletic shoes with molded cleats of resilient material for use on artificial turf or other hard surfaces are disclosed including first cleats provided on the bottom of the shoe sole positioned beneath the foot of the wearer and second cleats provided on both sides of the shoe. The second cleats are ...

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The electronic football of the present invention is capable of calculating various throwing statistics. The electronic football includes a start switch in communication with a timer means that starts when the start switch is released approximately simultaneously when the football is thrown. Upon imp ...

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An improved protective headgear apparatus for usage in connection with sporting activities, such as football, hockey, cycling, and the like, and other activities requiring the usage of protective head gear. The protective headgear apparatus is specifically designed to improve the absorption and diss ...