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An image enhancement system is provided for use with television equipment whereby a uniquely coated object within the field of view is enhanced to make it more readily observable to the viewer. A particular application involves coating a hockey puck, football or the like as used in a sporting event ...

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A hand-held, battery-operated rotary blade saw useful for cutting plastic clips or straps which secure a face mask to a football helmet. Several configurations, having differing safety shields, are disclosed. The device is an emergency/rescue tool to quickly remove a face mask from a football helmet ...

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The present invention provides a system of head and spine protection conceptually different from, and superior to, the traditional free-floating helmet concept, for use in high impact physical activities, such as such as football, hockey, lacrosse, motorcycling, downhill skiing, bobsledding/luge, cy ...

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This invention pertains to the encapsulation of a cellular insert, in the form of cellular components, formed of woven material fabricating such cellular components that present voids or cavities therein, or which may be formed from spirally or helically wound strands of a polymer having a hardness ...

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A weekly or other regularly scheduled game of chance is conducted in conjunction with a series of seasonal sporting events, such as baseball, football, hockey, U.S. and international basketball and volleyball games, in which a number of specific games are identified on a printed or electronic game c ...

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A linear actuator divert switch, a limited angle motor driven divert switch and a limited angle motor driven cross-over switch are provided for sortation conveyors. In addition conveying members of inverted substantially "U" shaped having spaced relatively hollow legs spanned by a bridge that is eit ...

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The longitudinal extent of a football is circumscribed with contrasting indicia so that upon rotation of the ball about substantially the longitudinal axis, a first visually distinctive image is produced. When the ball rotates about substantially a transverse axis, a second visually distinctive imag ...

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A novel game is disclosed featuring a playing field having at least three lanes and divided into at least six rungs. A gamepiece representing the player may be positioned in any one of the three lanes and is free to move in a first direction from one rung to the next; randomly generated obstacles ad ...

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An elastic foam football 10 with lengthwise spiral grooves 20 increasing in width and depth towards the middle of the ball for improved handling.

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A new attachment configuration for the face mask of a football or ice hockey helmet comprising three snap-in attachments that permit detachment of the face mask with sufficient pulling or twisting movement of the mask. The snap-in attachments are configured to resist without detachment sudden impact ...