David R Zittel: Industrial food processing machine. Lyco Manufacturing, Isaksen Lathrop Esch Hart & Clark, August 25, 1987: US04688476 (30 worldwide citation)

An industrial food processing machine which utilizes a closed environment to subject a food product flow to a continuous, controlled temperature treatment with water, and which provides access to its entire interior from both sides of the machine for the cleaning or maintenance thereof is disclosed ...

James E Altman: Food processing apparatus. Hill Van Santen Steadman & Simpson, June 12, 1984: US04453458 (30 worldwide citation)

Automated food processing apparatus and methods of the type adapted for coring food products wherein a constantly sized core is removed from all food products of a group independently of the product size variation from one member to another of the group.

Neal R Morris: Reusable closures for hermetically sealing containers. October 31, 1978: US04122964 (30 worldwide citation)

A semi-rigid, deflectable reusable lid in the shape of a disk and formed of a non-porous material is adapted to hermetically seal the open mouth of a container. The lid is positioned over the mouth of the container to be sealed and is retained in position by a threaded band. The inner lid surface ad ...

Michael J Granum, Walter J Steffan: Food processing machine. Eugene M Eckelman, September 23, 1986: US04613086 (30 worldwide citation)

A base frame supports a hopper for receiving grain to be ground and made into bread. An inverted cone-shaped grinding head on the shaft is supported at the bottom of the hopper and cooperates with a base member having a recess corresponding in shape to the grinder. The cone-shaped grinding head is s ...

Thomas R Oakes, Timothy A Gutzmann, Cynthia Lee Ross, Bruce E Schmidt: Compositions and method for removal of oils and fats from food preparation surfaces. Ecolab, Merchant Gould Smith Edell Welter & Schmidt P A, January 12, 1999: US05858941 (29 worldwide citation)

The invention is a method of removing soils containing oils and fats from food processing surfaces. The method includes the steps of formulating a wash composition from a two-part concentrate. The concentrate first part includes a source of alkalinity and water. The concentrate second part includes ...

Glenn Sandberg, David Hansen: Automatic sealing arrangement for weigh scale for food processing apparatus. Formax, The Law Office of Randall T Erickson P C, August 12, 2008: US07411137 (29 worldwide citation)

A sealing arrangement is provided for a product weigh scale for a food processing apparatus the weigh scale including a support for supporting a product, a member that carries the support, and a weight sensor that senses vertical load on the member. The sealing arrangement includes a seal surroundin ...

Charles E Williams: Efficient high humidity food processing system with sanitizing improvements. Hester, Laurence R Brown, December 14, 1982: US04363263 (29 worldwide citation)

Food products such as produce, fish, meat, and poultry are rapidly cooked and chilled in separate units through which a continuously running conveyor belt passes in a spiral pathway to converse cabinet space and produce energy efficient operation. Water is used as the heating and chilling medium in ...

Michael T Nixon: Acoustical panels. Orrin M Haugen, Thomas J Nikolai, March 4, 1986: US04574099 (29 worldwide citation)

This invention relates to the field of sound control equipment, and particularly to an acoustical panel for absorbing sound generated by equipment in a sterile environment such as a clean room, kitchen, food processing plant or drug manufacturing facility. The acoustical panel is comprised of an inn ...

Akitoshi Ueno, Takenori Mezaki: Refrigerating system. Daikin, Donald R Studebaker, Nixon Peabody, October 17, 2000: US06131401 (29 worldwide citation)

In a refrigerating/air-conditioning system for a supermarket, a single outdoor unit (60) is connected to a plurality of application units (11, 21, 31, 41, 51), which are connected in parallel to each other. The application units (11, 21, 31, 41, 51) are classified into application units (11, 21, 31) ...

Larry I Scher, Laura Scharr, Jeffrey Jenniges: Model referenced control of a food treatment device. Nabisco Brands, October 29, 1991: US05062066 (29 worldwide citation)

An automatic control of an apparatus that processes food products uses a model that provides a predicted value for product attributes, such as color. The predicted values are dynamically compensated, so that the predictions track the real response by an amount that can be estimated. The use of the m ...

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