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An enclosed food processing vat is provided having two or more generally horizontally-oriented partial cylindrical inner wall sections, each inner wall section conforming to a first portion of an swept volume created by the rotation of an agitator means about a horizontal shaft, the distance between ...

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The present invention relates to a method for producing chlorine dioxide (ClO.sub.2) disinfecting solution which preferably minimizes the amount of residual chlorite ion (ClO.sub.2 --) so that the disinfecting solution can be used in a number of industries, preferably including the food, food proces ...

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A method and apparatus are disclosed for efficiently cutting food items, such as potatoes, into helical strips. The food items are provided seriatim to a cutter head assembly from a conveyor system. Food items on the conveyor system are aligned longitudinally and fed to the cutter head assembly. The ...

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An industrial food processing machine which utilizes a closed environment to subject a food product flow to a continuous, controlled temperature treatment with water, and which provides access to its entire interior from both sides of the machine for the cleaning or maintenance thereof is disclosed ...

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Automated food processing apparatus and methods of the type adapted for coring food products wherein a constantly sized core is removed from all food products of a group independently of the product size variation from one member to another of the group.

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A base frame supports a hopper for receiving grain to be ground and made into bread. An inverted cone-shaped grinding head on the shaft is supported at the bottom of the hopper and cooperates with a base member having a recess corresponding in shape to the grinder. The cone-shaped grinding head is s ...

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Aqueous alkaline cleaning concentrates and wash solutions are disclosed which comprise an alkali metal hydroxide, a water-conditioning acrylic polymer, an active chlorine source and a fatty or oily soil-dispersing amount of a low molecular weight aliphatic phosphonic acid containing at least two gro ...

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The invention is a method of removing soils containing oils and fats from food processing surfaces. The method includes the steps of formulating a wash composition from a two-part concentrate. The concentrate first part includes a source of alkalinity and water. The concentrate second part includes ...

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A sealing arrangement is provided for a product weigh scale for a food processing apparatus the weigh scale including a support for supporting a product, a member that carries the support, and a weight sensor that senses vertical load on the member. The sealing arrangement includes a seal surroundin ...

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Food products such as produce, fish, meat, and poultry are rapidly cooked and chilled in separate units through which a continuously running conveyor belt passes in a spiral pathway to converse cabinet space and produce energy efficient operation. Water is used as the heating and chilling medium in ...