Chung Lun Yip: Food processor. Leydig Voit & Mayer, October 26, 1999: US05970860 (32 worldwide citation)

A food processor includes a food processing unit and a separate base for holding the food processing unit in position for operation. The food process unit and base have respective portions for releasable inter-connection. The base includes a bottom suction member for releasable attachment by suction ...

Shigetaka Okada, Sumio Kitahata, Shigeharu Yoshikawa, Toshiyuki Sugimoto, Kaname Sugimoto: Process for the production of branching enzyme, and a method for improving the qualities of food products therewith. Kabushiki Kaisha Hayashibara Seibutsu Kagaku Kenkyujo, Browdy and Neimark, June 12, 1984: US04454161 (32 worldwide citation)

The present invention relates to a process for the production of branching enzyme, and a method for improving the qualities of food products therewith. According to the present invention, a large amount of branching enzyme with a high specific activity can be easily obtained, and employment of the b ...

David Reznik: Apparatus and method for electrical heating of food products. Regan J Fay, April 19, 1988: US04739140 (32 worldwide citation)

Apparatus and a method for food processing wherein an AC electrical current at a frequency exceeding mains frequencies is caused to pass through a food product producing direct resistance heating of the food product, the frequency being selected to preclude substantial electrolysis of the food produ ...

Noel R Johnson, David Norby, Wendell J Holl, Andi Mikelsons, David Lukens, Nicholas Cable, Anthony Renger, Robert E Hanson: Aligned food processing system. Alkar RapidPak, Andrus Sceales Starke & Sawall, February 25, 2003: US06523462 (32 worldwide citation)

A food processing system for an elongated strand of food product, such as hot dogs or sausage links, provides aligned orientation of conveyor hooks and identical arrival time spacing between adjacent hooks at a reference loading point at a strand producing machine discharge station.

Bruce M Gould: Food processor. Challenge Cook Brothers, Lyon & Lyon, May 21, 1985: US04517888 (31 worldwide citation)

Apparatus for kneading food pieces includes a rotatable drum mounted on an inclined axis. There are spiral flights along the side wall of the drum. Charging and discharging the drum is effected through an open end and the drum includes a door for airtight sealing of the drum. A vacuum can be drawn i ...

Jeffrey L Jay: Food processing vat. Sherping Systems, Dorsey & Whitney, February 5, 1991: US04989504 (31 worldwide citation)

An enclosed food processing vat is provided having two or more generally horizontally-oriented partial cylindrical inner wall sections, each inner wall section conforming to a first portion of an swept volume created by the rotation of an agitator means about a horizontal shaft, the distance between ...

Habib Roozdar: Method and compositions for the production of chlorine dioxide. ARCO Research Co, McAulay Fisher Nissen Goldberg & Kiel, July 29, 1997: US05651996 (31 worldwide citation)

The present invention relates to a method for producing chlorine dioxide (ClO.sub.2) disinfecting solution which preferably minimizes the amount of residual chlorite ion (ClO.sub.2 --) so that the disinfecting solution can be used in a number of industries, preferably including the food, food proces ...

Louis D Caracciolo Jr, Mark Grace, William Kulik: Food processing method. BOC Group, Finnegan Henderson Farabow Garrett & Dunner L, March 9, 1999: US05879732 (30 worldwide citation)

Various food processing methods and a food processing system minimize microbial growth while an animal, such as a chicken, is processed into food. During processing, temperature of an animal carcass and atmosphere surrounding the carcass are controlled by spraying gases and a mixture of ozone and wa ...

John C Julian: Food processing apparatus. Lamb Weston, Klarquist Sparkman Campbell Leigh & Whinston, May 22, 1990: US04926726 (30 worldwide citation)

A method and apparatus are disclosed for efficiently cutting food items, such as potatoes, into helical strips. The food items are provided seriatim to a cutter head assembly from a conveyor system. Food items on the conveyor system are aligned longitudinally and fed to the cutter head assembly. The ...

Robert B Forney, Ernest C Brown: Radiant wall/hot air impingement oven. Pyramid Food Processing Equip Mfg, Thomas M Freiburger, August 24, 1999: US05942142 (30 worldwide citation)

An oven for cooking foods, and especially for browning foods, has heated, radiant walls. Heat may be supplied by a gas burner flame in a plenum behind the walls, with products of combustion thus being isolated from the food in the oven chamber. In one embodiment food products are continuously convey ...

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