Moises Behar, Joseph Spencer: Blender/food processor blade arrangement for small throated blender jars. Sunbeam Products, Seth M Blum, January 5, 2010: US07641380 (33 worldwide citation)

A blade assembly suited for both blending and food processing in small throat blender jars is provided. The blade assembly comprises a plurality of blade forms each designed to perform a specific blending or processing task while simultaneously working together and with the geometric restrictions of ...

William A Meeker: Conveyor belt. Bacon & Thomas, October 22, 1996: US05566817 (33 worldwide citation)

A conveyor belt, particularly suited to the food processing industry, includes a tension-bearing framework of transversely extending rods connected to tension bearing interconnected links into which is attached a series of loose-fitting modular product support members. The product support modules in ...

Gerald J Sombrio: Food transportation method. Nawrocki Rooney & Sivertson, December 19, 1995: US05476673 (33 worldwide citation)

A method for processing a single food product through a food processing plant. The method comprises the steps of providing a length of casing, wherein the casing has a first end and a second end. The casing further has sufficient inherent strength as provided to support a selected food product. The ...

Raul Guibert: Food processing technique. Michael Ebert, May 16, 1978: US04089322 (33 worldwide citation)

A fast food service technique in which a meal is pre-cooked and then transferred to a tray in which the food is refrigerated at a temperature just above its freezing point to preserve the meal without degrading its texture or flavor. When the food is to be made available to customers, the cold trays ...

Shook Hugh Thomas: Closed system refrigeration or heat exchange. Northfield Freezing Systems, March 25, 1975: US3872682 (33 worldwide citation)

The disclosed process is particularly well suited for a refrigeration or other heat exchange system employing a plurality of refrigerants. The preferred refrigerants are carbon dioxide and a haloalkane boiling in the range of -40.degree.C. to +40.degree.C. The haloalkane, in a liquid state, should b ...

James H Stanton, Lichorat James J, John A Lopes: Stable antimicrobial sanitizing composition concentrates containing alkyl amine oxides. Diversey Wyandotte Corporation, Arnold S Weintraub, October 11, 1988: US04776974 (33 worldwide citation)

Low-foaming antimicrobial concentrate and "use" composition comprising (a) an antimicrobial agent selected from the group consisting of monocarboxylic acids, dicarboxylic acids and mixtures thereof, (b) an alkyl N,N-dimethyl amine oxide solubilizer-coupling agent having between about 8 and about 10 ...

Louis D Caracciolo Jr: Method of reducing microbial growth during processing of animal carcasses. BOC Group, Finnegan Henderson Farabow Garrett & Dunner L, February 19, 2002: US06348227 (33 worldwide citation)

Various food processing methods and a food processing system minimize microbial growth while an animal, such as a chicken, is processed into food. During processing, temperature of an animal carcass and atmosphere surrounding the carcass are controlled by spraying gases and a mixture of ozone and wa ...

Shigetaka Okada, Sumio Kitahata, Shigeharu Yoshikawa, Toshiyuki Sugimoto, Kaname Sugimoto: Process for the production of branching enzyme, and a method for improving the qualities of food products therewith. Kabushiki Kaisha Hayashibara Seibutsu Kagaku Kenkyujo, Browdy and Neimark, June 12, 1984: US04454161 (32 worldwide citation)

The present invention relates to a process for the production of branching enzyme, and a method for improving the qualities of food products therewith. According to the present invention, a large amount of branching enzyme with a high specific activity can be easily obtained, and employment of the b ...

Wal Hung Wong: Electronic food processor. Kayue Electric Company, Alix Yale & Ristas, June 4, 2002: US06397735 (32 worldwide citation)

A food processor incorporates an electronic motor control and display. Times relevant to the operation of the food processor are displayed for reference by the user. A user can select a food processing cycle duration, in which case the display is operated in a count-down mode. If no duration is sele ...

Noel R Johnson, David Norby, Wendell J Holl, Andi Mikelsons, David Lukens, Nicholas Cable, Anthony Renger, Robert E Hanson: Aligned food processing system. Alkar RapidPak, Andrus Sceales Starke & Sawall, February 25, 2003: US06523462 (32 worldwide citation)

A food processing system for an elongated strand of food product, such as hot dogs or sausage links, provides aligned orientation of conveyor hooks and identical arrival time spacing between adjacent hooks at a reference loading point at a strand producing machine discharge station.

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