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A machine cleaner tablet comprising from about 10 to about 75% of a limescale remover acid, from about 1 to about 20% of low foaming non-ionic surfactant, from about 0.5 to about 5% of a detergency enzyme and wherein the tablet has a pH measured as a 1% solution in distilled water at 20° C. in the r ...

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A blade assembly suited for both blending and food processing in small throat blender jars is provided. The blade assembly comprises a plurality of blade forms each designed to perform a specific blending or processing task while simultaneously working together and with the geometric restrictions of ...

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A method and apparatus is provided for harvesting an inner fillet from poultry, wherein a tendon with which the inner fillet is or was connected to a wing bone of the poultry projects from the inner fillet. The tendon is gripped, and subsequently the tendon and the inner fillet attached thereto are ...

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A thermostable alpha-glycosidase derived from various Thermococcus, alcaliphilus AEDII12RA is disclosed. The enzymes are produced from native or recombinant host cells and can be utilized in the food processing industry.

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A peroxygen antimicrobial composition is provided comprising an amine oxide and peroxygen compound. The combination of the two components produces an effective antimicrobial composition, providing a more potent biocide than can be obtained by using these compounds separately. Other components can be ...

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A process comprising, providing an agricultural biofuel to a fluidized bed reactor and combusting the agricultural biofuel to produce heat and/or steam is disclosed. In one embodiment, the agricultural biofuel is selected from the group consisting of agricultural crops, crop residues, grain processi ...

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An improved apparatus is provided for depositing pepperoni slices which may have a relatively high fat content and grated cheese on a series of pizza pie shells made of pastry. The apparatus includes a main conveyor which is continuously operated to sequentially move pizze pie shells along a path ex ...

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A fast food service technique in which a meal is pre-cooked and then transferred to a tray in which the food is refrigerated at a temperature just above its freezing point to preserve the meal without degrading its texture or flavor. When the food is to be made available to customers, the cold trays ...

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The disclosed process is particularly well suited for a refrigeration or other heat exchange system employing a plurality of refrigerants. The preferred refrigerants are carbon dioxide and a haloalkane boiling in the range of -40.degree.C. to +40.degree.C. The haloalkane, in a liquid state, should b ...

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An improved food holder accessory for use with conventional food processing units is provided. The holder, having a plurality of prongs for insertion into the food item to be processed, is adapted to be held in the hand at the other end and to be guided into the processor feed tube. The penetration ...