Richard D Clare, Carl G Sontheimer: Safety interlock for the food pusher in a food processor. Cuisinarts, Parmelee Johnson Bollinger & Bramblett, August 12, 1980: US04216917 (53 worldwide citation)

An improvement in a food processor of the type having a housing enclosing a motor, a drive shaft extending from the housing, a working bowl which is detachably mountable on the housing in position to surround the shaft for receiving the various rotatable food processing tools which are removably ins ...


Sigrun Hickel, Wolfgang Franke: Kitchen apparatus for preparing food. Braun Aktiengesellschaft, January 24, 1989: US04799626 (42 worldwide citation)

The invention is directed to a food processing apparatus (2) having a lid (22) adapted to be placed on a vessel (10), with a cover member (26) of semi-circular cross section and having a passage (24) opening into the vessel (10) being provided on the lid. The cover member (26) is provided with a ver ...

Habib Roozdar: Method and compositions for the production of chlorine dioxide. ARCO Research Co, Henry D Coleman, R Neil Sudol, April 18, 1995: US05407656 (41 worldwide citation)

The present invention relates to a method for producing chlorine dioxide (ClO.sub.2) disinfecting solution which preferably minimizes the amount of residual chlorite ion (ClO.sub.2 -) so that the disinfecting solution can be used in a number of industries, preferably including the food, food process ...

Hubert Verachtert: Disinfection of aqueous media. Interox Chemicals, Larson and Taylor, January 19, 1982: US04311598 (41 worldwide citation)

The present invention relates to processes and compositions for the disinfection of aqueous media and particularly bacteria-containing aqueous effluents, e.g. treated municipal sewage or effluents from paper or food-processing industries, employing hydrogen peroxide-containing compositions as an alt ...

Leonard J Star, Jesse J Tapscott: Food processing machine. Phillips Moore Lempio & Finley, March 29, 1988: US04733607 (40 worldwide citation)

A mixer for food products and the like in commercial quantities comprises a horizontally elongated body with a trough bottom in which rotates one or more horizontal drive shafts carrying an agitator in the form of a helical ribbon or worm of a radius matching that of the trough bottom. The ribbon su ...

Coggiola Marcel Eugene, Ribassin Patrick Guy Georges, Gallardo Manuel Antoine Raymon, Meyer Jean, Bertin Alain Jean Luc: Security device for a food processing apparatus.. Robot Coupe, March 11, 1981: EP0024992-A1 (40 worldwide citation)

1. A device for safe assembly of apparatus for preparing food, the apparatus being of the type comprising a base (1) including an electric motor (2) whose shaft projects from the base (1), different tools (4) being mountable on said shaft inside a bowl (3) which is removably fixed to the base (1), t ...

Johnny R Graham, Kenneth Z Graham: Rotary viscera harvester. Cantrell Machine Co, Julian W Dority, August 28, 1984: US04467498 (40 worldwide citation)

An apparatus and method are disclosed for pulling out and separating the viscera from a fowl carcass during food processing. The apparatus includes a rotary carrier (B) on which are carried a plurality of gripping devices (A). A rotary axis (35) of the rotary carrier (B) mounted on a frame (70) is i ...

Charles R Picek: Reconditioning and reuse of chilled water for poultry and food processing. December 22, 1992: US05173190 (39 worldwide citation)

This invention is directed to a novel automatic process for effectively, reliably and economically reconditioning for direct reuse various waste waters and particularly those in the nature of poultry and food processing such as the overflow waste water from poultry carcass chill tanks without the us ...

Dennis Murphy, John Reid: .alpha.-galactosidase. Diversa Corporation, Fish & Richardson P C, September 28, 1999: US05958751 (38 worldwide citation)

A thermostable alpha-glycosidase derived from various Thermococcus, alcaliphilus AEDII12RA is disclosed. The enzymes are produced from native or recombinant host cells and can be utilized in the food processing industry.

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