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A foldable trailer having a frame and platform which are laterally divided into a front, rear and central section, the axle of the trailer being secured to the central section. The central section is pivotally connected respectively to the front and rear sections so that the front and rear sections ...

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A hand-carryable trailer and a method for deploying and stowing the same. The trailer comprises (1) a first bed section and a second bed section, the first bed section having a first member for mounting a first wheel axle, the second bed section having a second member for mounting a second wheel axl ...

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A foldable trailer that is attachable to a vehicle, particularly an ATV, for hauling a load. The trailer includes a hitch assembly for attachment to the vehicle, a first bed rotatably attached to the hitch assembly, and a second bed rotatably attached to the first bed by a unique hinge. The trailer ...

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A foldable trailer having a frame formed of a pair of side frame members pivoted at their forward ends for movement in the direction toward and away from each other between folded and unfolded positions respectively, a tail gate pivoted at one end to one of the side frame members with means for secu ...

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A trailer or other wheeled vehicle having a chassis or frame, of rectangular shape in plan, and foldable or collapsible laterally, thereby to enable side members 1, 2 of the chassis or frame to be moved towards and away from each other between a normal position in which the chassis or frame has full ...

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A trailer and system for use with a vehicle that allows for storing the trailer in the vehicle during non-use. The foldable trailer and a receiving arrangement mountable to the vehicle, allows eased storage of the unused trailer and requires minimized storage space. The folding of the trailer also f ...

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A foldable trailer includes a substantially horizontal, substantially planar center section joined to at least one main axle and wheels assembly, at least one substantially planar rear section attached to the center section by a first hinged interface, such that the rear sections may be folded from ...

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A trailer (10) has a main base part (11), a pair of wheels (90A, B) with suspension means (50-59) permitting folding of the wheels under the main base part (11). Side (13, 15) and end (25, 27) wall parts have hinging (17, 19; 29, 31) permitting their folding to substantially parallel relation with s ...

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A foldable trailer which may be collapsed for easy storage or shipment and which may be used to suspend a boat thereunder for transporting a boat from one location to another. The arrangement of the trailer permits suspension of the boat by one person with minimal effort.

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This invention relates to a foldable trailer mounted horse walker characterized by two or more, preferably four, radially extending booms, one of which is drivingly connected to an upright centrally located drive shaft while the others are pulled around by the driven one due to connecting cables str ...