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An alcoholic beverage, or other fluid, dispenser which uses to advantage the electrical pulsing of an electric pump which, for each pulse, dispenses a discrete fluid volume, to thereby provide as a selected volume of dispensed fluid the sum of said discrete volumes. Among other advantages, variation ...

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Two embodiments of fuel injectors assemblies 10, 100 are disclosed. Injector (10) includes a fluid metering device (12) and a protective housing assembly (14). Device (12) includes an acoustic horn or nozzle assembly (16), a piezoelectric crystal (18) to longitudinally vibrate the nozzle, and a fuel ...

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A urine drainage and collection device includes a tubing set having first, second, and third tube portions. Each tube portion has a first and second end. The first end of each tube portion is connected to and in communication with the first ends of the other two tube portions. A fluid metering devic ...

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A urine sampling device includes a urine collection vessel having an open end. A cap member seals the vessel open end. The cap member includes a vent to allow air displacement during fluid sampling. A connector element including a hollow piercing element is in fluid communication with the cap member ...

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A metering device for the precision feeding of a liquid, such as, for example, an oil lubricant. The device has a fluid supply chamber with a working medium such as oil and which in turn is in open communication with a metering chamber also containing the medium fluid. A fluid pumping piston passes ...

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A flow control system for use in a compressible fluid fuelled internal combustion engine includes a pressure regulator (14) for reducing the prezsure of a fuel stored at a first pressure to a lower second pressure suitable for metering. The regulator includes a regulating valve controlling communica ...

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A slide cartridge for use with a chemical analyzer includes an upper ring and a lower ring secured together but rotatable with respect to each other. The upper and lower rings define a plurality of reaction chambers between them, which receive dry analyte test slides. A gear track formed in the unde ...

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A fluid-metering device for injecting measured quantities of additive liquids into hydraulic systems and characterized by a length of flexible tubing, with means for bending the tubing so that it acts as a shutoff valve or a variable flow rate valve.

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A single facer is provided with an adjustable width glue means including an elongated floating shoe having doctor blade means biased toward a glue applicator roll and movable away from the latter to form a metering gap through which glue exits from an elongated fluid cavity of the shoe as a thin fil ...

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A system usable for dispensing fluids including hot melt adhesives, supplied from a reservoir, onto a substrate. The system includes a plurality of fluid dispensing nozzles coupled to a fluid supply conduits disposed in a main manifold wherein fluid is supplied from a fluid metering device. An air p ...