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Buoyant sensor networks are described, comprising floating buoys with sensors and energy harvesting capabilities. The buoys can control their buoyancy and motion, and can organize communication in a distributed fashion. Some buoys may have tethered underwater vehicles with a smart spooling system th ...

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This disclosure enables high-productivity fabrication of porous semiconductor layers (made of single layer or multi-layer porous semiconductors such as porous silicon, comprising single porosity or multi-porosity layers). Some applications include fabrication of MEMS separation and sacrificial layer ...

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Embodiments are presented for topology graph optimization. A design geometry is represented as a graph. Engineering objectives and constraints are associated with a graph representation of a design geometry. The graph representation of the design geometry is iteratively refined for analysis using an ...

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A ducted combustion system is disclosed. The ducted combustion system includes a combustion chamber bound by a flame deck surface of a cylinder head of an internal combustion engine and by a piston top surface of a piston disposed within the internal combustion engine. The system includes a fuel inj ...

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A casing for a lifting aid for an aircraft, comprising at least one strake which extends essentially in a protruding manner in the direction of flight in relation to an outer surface of the casing. An aircraft including a lifting aid and such a type of casing.

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Specimen collection slides, methods of fabricating and methods of utilizing such specimen collection slides whereby each specimen collection slide includes a top rigid layer with an opening, a bottom rigid layer with an opening substantially the same size as the top layer opening, a middle rigid sec ...

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Systems for controlled resonance in electrical power devices are described. A programmed signal processor generates output control signals from input electrical signals based on resonant control parameters for a target power device. Analog electrical control systems for controlled resonance, power d ...

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An air outlet for ventilating the interior of a motor vehicle is provided. The air outlet is fluidly connected with a module of a heating, ventilating and/or air conditioning system. The air outlet includes a linkage region having an opening. An insulating structure is held in the linkage region wit ...

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An aim of the invention is to allow the detection of turbulence in the absence of tracers. A radar is embedded aboard an aircraft (21) and implements the following steps: searching for the upper part of a convective system (1) situated outside the given zone, reflecting the electromagnetic waves; se ...

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Provided herein are methods for the modulation of appearance or material properties within items of apparel or equipment. Also provided herein are design articles having alterable designs.