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Floor covering, including hard floor panels (1) which, at least at the edges of two opposite sides (2-3, 26-27), are provided with coupling parts (4-5, 28-29), cooperating which each other, substantially in the form of a tongue (9-31) and a groove (10-32), wherein the coupling parts (4-5, 28-29) are ...

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An edge lock is provided for use in a flooring system having a plurality of floor panels. The edge lock mechanically and releasably locks together adjacent edges of pairs of adjacent floor panels during assembly of the flooring system, and when said adjacent floor panels are laying flat on a subfloo ...


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Floor covering, consisting of floor panels (1) based on a fibre-like material bound by a binding agent, more particulary MDF or HDF, which, at least at their edges, are connected to each other by means of a connection, more particularly a tongue-and-groove connection (2-3), which connection consists ...

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A joint for two flat structural members, in particular floor panels, wherein a groove and tongue joint joining the two flat structural members is provided functionally separate from a twistlock locking the two flat structural members. The twistlock is formed on one of the structural members, the is ...

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The panel is rectangular in shape, and has at least two connectors (2) extending at right angles from one of its edges. Each connector comprises a strip (20) which rests on the ground and has upward-facing projections (21) on its ends which engage with recesses in the undersides of adjacent panels. ...

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This is a covering panel formed, for example, by a layer of plaster 11 held sandwiched between two cardboard sheets 12 and comprising, on one of its faces, a covering 14 which insulates in respect of moisture. According to the invention, and in combination, the insulating covering 13 projects beyond ...


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Floor part, in particular a floor panel for forming a parquet floor or such, characterized in that it is treated with a sealing agent (6) on one or several sides (2-32-33-34).

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An interlocking prefabricated hardwood floor panel system in which multiple hardwood strips are secured together and attached to a substrate. The hardwood strips end at different locations such that a straight seam is not formed between adjacent floor panels. The substrate covers at least a portion ...