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A spinal fixation device comprises an intervertebral body wedge which is inserted between vertebral bodies by sequentially expanding the inter-discal space using a spacer. With this sequential expansion, no posterior fixation devices are needed for stabilization of the spinal diseased vertebrae.

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A method of securing a graft in a bone tunnel, in which graft is secured within the tunnel at both the entrance and the exit ends of the tunnel to provide bicortical fixation of the graft in the bone. Interference screws or other fixation devices are used to secure the graft within the tunnel. For t ...

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The present invention relates to a coupler assembly for use in a posterior spinal system including components designed to be affixed to the spinal column of a person to correct various lateral and sagittal deformities. The spinal coupler assembly is adapted to be interconnected between two spaced ro ...

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The present invention relates to a bone fracture reduction device for the internal fixation and immobilization of bone fragments. The device is comprised of a thin malleable bone affixation plate, formed of a biocompatible metallic material with at least two spaced openings extending therethrough ea ...

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The present invention is an expandable sleeve deployable in a surgical implant. The sleeve has a head, a tubular shaft defining an open interior, and a distal tip, with the shaft having a length dimension. The shaft is provided with a plurality of slots that divide the shaft into partitions, wherein ...

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The present invention relates to a mid-line clamp assembly for use in a posterior spinal system including components designed to be affixed to the spinal column of a person to correct for various lateral and sagittal deformities. The clamp assembly includes inferior and superior clamp halves slidabl ...

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Devices, systems, methods and kits are provided for delivering interventional devices to a target location with a body. Such interventional devices particularly include fixation devices or any devices which approximate tissue, such as valve leaflets. The delivery devices and systems direct the inter ...

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A bioabsorbable material such as a terpolymer of poly-(L-lactide/D-lactide/glycolide). The material may consist of 85 molar percent L-lactide, 5 molar percent D-lactide, and 10 molar percent glycolide. The material may have a heat of fusion of about 15-25 J/G, tensile strength retention at 26 weeks ...

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An occlusion device for the closure of atrial or ventricular septal defects, for the closure of patent ductus arteriosus, patent foramen ovale, or other vascular defects. The occlusion device comprises a center section extending in an axial direction, with upper and lower stranded wire fixation devi ...

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The systems and methods of the present invention provide for soft tissue reconstruction using a fixation device that coapts two intact anatomic structures to each other. In one embodiment, these systems and methods are used to reconstruct defects or abnormalities in the female pelvic floor by using ...