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The present invention relates to a process for preparing a biomass, such as from a microbial fermentation, for an extraction process to separate desired chemicals, nutritional products, bioactive components, proteins, carbohydrates, and lipids, from the biomass. Particularly preferred substances to ...

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1296839 Alpha-amylase NOVO TERAPEUTISK LABORATORIUM A/S 19 May 1970 [29 May 1969 21 July 1969] 27352/69 and 36528/69 Heading C3H An enzyme material comprising alphaamylase is produced by culture of a microorganism of the species Bacillus licheniformis in a nutrient medium. The enzyme may be isolated ...

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The present invention discloses a microbial polyunsaturated fatty acid(PUFA)-containing oil with a high triglyceride content and a high oxidative stability. In addition, a method is described for the recovery of such oil from a microbial biomass deriverd from a pasteurized fermentation broth, wherei ...

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A process for recovering alcohol by a continuous process employing fermentation, solvent extraction of the alcohol product, extractive distillation of the alcohol-solvent extract to provide water fraction and vacuum stripping for separation of the alcohol and regenerated solvent.

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Acids are recovered from their aqueous solution by an extraction process comprising a first extraction stage at which the aqueous solution is contacted with a water-immiscible extractant comprising a water-immiscible organic solvent and, dissolved therein, at least one secondary or tertiary amine in ...

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A process for producing ethanol by the conversion of carbohydrates from a corn dry milling process in which the bottoms fraction from distillation of ethanol in a conventional yeast fermentation is used in a process including a combination of biochemical and synthetic conversions. The process result ...

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A process for producing and purifying succinic acid comprises growing a succinate salt-producing microorganism on an inexpensive substrate containing carbohydrate, other nutrients, sodium ions and tryptophan under a CO.sub.2 partial pressure until most of the carbohydrate is converted to succinate. ...

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A process for producing and recovering light alcohols, particularly ethanol, alcohol mixtures containing ethanol, and ABE mixtures (alcohol mixtures containing acetone, butanol and ethanol), using a combination of steps including fermentation, first membrane separation, dephlegmation and dehydration ...

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Disclosed in a process for growing the microflora Thraustochytrium, Schizochytrium, and mixtures thereof, which includes the growing of the microflora in fermentation medium containing non-chloride containing sodium salts, in particular sodium sulfate. In a preferred embodiment of the present invent ...

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The instant invention describes a process for the manufacture of butanol and like volatile organic compounds by fermenting carbohydrates, mainly polysaccharide, with micro-organisms which convert carbohydrates into mainly butyric acid and other acids. The acids are subsequently transferred to the so ...