Daniel W Tedder: Process for recovering alcohol with energy integration. Georgia Tech Research Corporation, Deveau Colton & Marquis, June 1, 1993: US05215902 (88 worldwide citation)

A process for recovering alcohol by a continuous process employing fermentation, solvent extraction of the alcohol product, extractive distillation of the alcohol-solvent extract to provide water fraction and vacuum stripping for separation of the alcohol and regenerated solvent.

Jaouad Fichtali, Anand Sundararajan: Process for preparing materials for extraction. Martek Biosciences Corporation, Sheridan Ross P C, March 16, 2010: US07678931 (86 worldwide citation)

The present invention relates to a process for preparing a biomass, such as from a microbial fermentation, for an extraction process to separate desired chemicals, nutritional products, bioactive components, proteins, carbohydrates, and lipids, from the biomass. Particularly preferred substances to ...

Anurag P Mairal, Alvin Ng, Richard W Baker, Ivy Huang, Jennifer Ly: Ethanol recovery process. Membrane Technology and Research, J Farrant, June 8, 2010: US07732173 (86 worldwide citation)

A process for producing and recovering light alcohols, particularly ethanol, alcohol mixtures containing ethanol, and ABE mixtures (alcohol mixtures containing acetone, butanol and ethanol), using a combination of steps including fermentation, first membrane separation, dephlegmation and dehydration ...

James L Gaddy, Edgar C Clausen, Ching Whan Ko, Leslie E Wade, Carl V Wikstrom: Microbial process for the preparation of acetic acid as well as solvent for its extraction from the fermentation broth. Bioengineering Resources, Celanese International Corporation, Howson and Howson, April 9, 2002: US06368819 (86 worldwide citation)

A modified water-immiscible solvent useful in the extraction of acetic acid from aqueous streams is a substantially pure mixture of isomers of highly branched di-alkyl amines. This solvent is substantially devoid of mono-alkyl amines and alcohols. Solvent mixtures formed of such a modified solvent w ...

Dan W Verser, Timothy J Eggeman: Process for producing ethanol from corn dry milling. Zeachem, Sheridan Ross P C, February 15, 2011: US07888082 (85 worldwide citation)

A process for producing ethanol by the conversion of carbohydrates from a corn dry milling process in which the bottoms fraction from distillation of ethanol in a conventional yeast fermentation is used in a process including a combination of biochemical and synthetic conversions. The process result ...

David A Glassner, Rathin Datta: Process for the production and purification of succinic acid. Quarles & Brady, September 1, 1992: US05143834 (83 worldwide citation)

A process for producing and purifying succinic acid comprises growing a succinate salt-producing microorganism on an inexpensive substrate containing carbohydrate, other nutrients, sodium ions and tryptophan under a CO.sub.2 partial pressure until most of the carbohydrate is converted to succinate. ...

William R Barclay: Food product containing thraustochytrium and/or schizochytrium microflora and an additional agricultural based ingredient. OmegaTech, Sheridan Ross P C, June 1, 1999: US05908622 (81 worldwide citation)

Disclosed in a process for growing the microflora Thraustochytrium, Schizochytrium, and mixtures thereof, which includes the growing of the microflora in fermentation medium containing non-chloride containing sodium salts, in particular sodium sulfate. In a preferred embodiment of the present invent ...

Niels W Lutzen: Fermentation process. Novo Industri, Fidelman Wolffe & Waldron, February 23, 1982: US04316956 (78 worldwide citation)

This invention relates to a novel fermentation process and in particular, to fermentative production of ethanol producing in the presence of non-gelled, or granular, starch particles, alpha-amylase and a glucoamylase; characteristic of the present process is recycle of enzymes for renewed use in fer ...

Thomas M Brennan: Determining DNA sequences by mass spectrometry. Genomyx, Allegretti & Witcoff, March 26, 1991: US05003059 (78 worldwide citation)

This invention relates to the methods, apparatus, reagents and mixtures of reagents for sequencing natural or recombinant DNA and other polynucleotides. In particular, this invention relates to a method for sequencing polynucleotides based on mass spectrometry to determine which of the four bases (a ...

Wood Irwin Bovden, Pankavich John Anthony, Carter Guy Thomas, Torrey Margaret Jennings, Greenstein Michael: Method and compositions for helmintic, arthropod ectoparasitic and acaridal infections with novel agents.. American Cyanamid Co, February 5, 1986: EP0170006-A2 (78 worldwide citation)

The present invention relates to novel agents, to their production by fermentation, to methods for their recovery and concentration from crude solutions, to processes for their purification and to pharmaceutically and pharmacologically-acceptable salts thereof. Also, this invention relates to method ...

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