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A stable continuous method for producing ethanol from the anaerobic bacterial fermentation of a gaseous substrate containing at least one reducing gas involves culturing a fermentation bioreactor anaerobic, acetogenic bacteria in a liquid nutrient medium; supplying the gaseous substrate to the biore ...

James W Bracke, Kipling Thacker: Hyaluronic acid from bacterial culture. Diagnostic, Schroeder Siegfried Vidas & Arrett, May 14, 1985: US04517295 (104 worldwide citation)

Hyaluronic acid, a polysaccharide, is prepared in high yield from streptococcus bacteria by fermenting the bacteria under anaerobic conditions in a CO.sub.2 -enriched growth medium, separating the bacteria from the resulting broth and isolating the hyaluronic acid from the remaining constituents of ...

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A modified water-immiscible solvent useful in the extraction of acetic acid from aqueous streams is a substantially pure mixture of isomers of highly branched di-alkyl amines. This solvent is substantially devoid of mono-alkyl amines and alcohols. Solvent mixtures formed of such a modified solvent w ...

Robert N Corley III, Michael R Murphy, Samuel V Panno: Time-integrated sampler of bodily fluid. The Board of Trustees of the University of Illinois, Polit & Associates, March 18, 2003: US06533734 (102 worldwide citation)

An apparatus and corresponding method obtains time-integrated samples of fluid from the rumens of cattle, sheep, goats or other animals through a cannula. The apparatus allows ruminal fluid to be sampled under standard conditions. It reduces the labor required to obtain samples and allows dynamic fe ...

Dan Verser, Timothy J Eggeman: Process for producing ethanol. ZeaChem, Sheridan Ross P C, March 23, 2010: US07682812 (101 worldwide citation)

A process for producing ethanol including a combination of biochemical and synthetic conversions results in high yield ethanol production with concurrent production of high value coproducts. An acetic acid intermediate is produced from carbohydrates, such as corn, using enzymatic milling and ferment ...

Metzger James B: Method for the utilization of organic waste material. January 16, 1973: US3711392 (99 worldwide citation)

Biodegradable waste materials are utilized by forming a suspension in a fermentation tank of comminated waste materials mixed with a microbiological system of a plurality of selected types of microorganisms under conditions to decompose the waste materials. After sufficient microbial metabolic actio ...

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Method and compositions are provided for replication and expression of exogenous genes in microorganisms. Plasmids or virus DNA are cleaved to provide linear DNA having ligatable termini, which are bound to a gene having complementary termini, to provide a biologically functional replicon with a des ...

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Acid generated by homoacidogenic fermentation is esterified in the presence of fermentation medium wherein the ester is provided in a water-immiscible phase. By esterifying the acid, the pH of the fermentation medium can be maintained above that which adversely affects the microorganism used for the ...

Nhuan Phu Nghiem, Mark Donnelly, Cynthia S Millard, Lucy Stols: Method for the production of dicarboxylic acids. Lockhead Martin Energy Research Corporation, Shelly S Stafford, February 9, 1999: US05869301 (98 worldwide citation)

The present invention is an economical fermentation method for the production of carboxylic acids comprising the steps of a) inoculating a medium having a carbon source with a carboxylic acid-producing organism; b) incubating the carboxylic acid-producing organism in an aerobic atmosphere to promote ...

Daniel W Tedder: Process for recovering alcohol with energy integration. Georgia Tech Research Corporation, Deveau Colton & Marquis, June 1, 1993: US05215902 (91 worldwide citation)

A process for recovering alcohol by a continuous process employing fermentation, solvent extraction of the alcohol product, extractive distillation of the alcohol-solvent extract to provide water fraction and vacuum stripping for separation of the alcohol and regenerated solvent.

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