Harrison Michael John: Agricultural machine for distributing forage or other material. Kidd Farm Machinery, November 14, 1984: GB2139463-A (2 worldwide citation)

An agricultural machine intended for use in distributing forage or other material is of the kind which is traversed over the ground on which the material is to be distributed and comprises a container for the material, means for discharging the material from the container, means adjacent to the mate ...

Mikio Tanimizu, Kouichi Kawano: Coulter adjusting device for reversible plow. Sugano Farm Machinery Mfg, Sughrue Mion Zinn Macpeak & Seas, January 25, 1994: US05280826 (2 worldwide citation)

A coulter adjusting device for use in a reversible plowing machine having a non-reversible mast frame, a bottom frame secured to the non-reversible mast frame in such a manner as to be rotatable or reversible relative to the non-reversible mast frame, a rotatable shaft for rotating or reversing the ...

Improvements in or relating to transporting vehicles. Byron Farm Machinery, Geoffrey Isaac Green, October 7, 1964: GB971792-A (2 worldwide citation)

971,792. Loading vehicles. BRYON FARM MACHINERY Ltd., and G. I. GREEN. May 20, 1963 [May 29, 1962], No. 20648/62. Headings B8A and B8S. Material is loaded from silo 3 into vehicle 1 by a screw conveyer 2 feeding to a screw conveyer 5, the latter serving to feed the material leftwards to discharge it ...

Indicating device for use with farm machinery. Gent A, August 24, 1977: GB1483581-A (2 worldwide citation)

1483581 Agricultural machines A GENT 9 Aug 1974 [11 May 1973] 22465/73 Heading A1B An agricultural machine path indicating device comprises a horizontal support 4 mounted each side of an implement or the rear end of a tractor and supporting a pivoted trailing bar 5 at the lower end of which is a gui ...


Barker Malcolm: Mower. Kidd Farm Machinery, July 24, 1985: GB2151446-A (2 worldwide citation)

A mower, especially intended for agricultural or horticultural use and of the kind having one or more discs (17, Fig. 1) mounted on skids (19) and provided with outwardly projecting cutting blades, the or each disc being rotatable about a vertical axis, is arranged in use to be connected at its fron ...

Ruiz Arana Alfonso: Directional axle for coupling the drive wheels in vehicles. Multitor, January 9, 2002: EP1170162-A1 (2 worldwide citation)

It is especially applicable for load-bearing vehicles such as tractors, dumpers, farm machinery, wheelbarrows, etc. The directional shaft (1) includes a "U"-shaped flange (4) at each end. The arms (5, 6) have both openings (8, 9) aligned, and their axis (18) is the same as that which runs through th ...

Dix Peter J, Ni Bingcheng, Moaveninejad Kousha: Method and apparatus for creating curved swath patterns for farm machinery. Cnh Belgium, April 30, 2008: EP1915894-A2 (2 worldwide citation)

A swath generation apparatus (SGA) (10) creates a curved swath path (102 S=2 ) from a baseline swath path (102 S=1 ) for an agricultural vehicle with an associated implement. The baseline swath path (102 S=1 ) has a plurality of position data points (104), comprising at least three spaced apart posi ...

Kimura Shigetoshi, Onodera Masami, Takahashi Yoshinori: Cultivating system, tractor and cultivating machine with plow-depth control function. Sugano Farm Machinery Mfg Co L, April 24, 1996: EP0707783-A1 (1 worldwide citation)

A cultivating system including a tractor (10), a cultivating machine (50) for performing a cultivating work in combination with the tractor, and a link mechanism (30) for linking the tractor and the cultivating machine, including a free-motion mechanism (13) provided to at least one of the tractor, ...

W Richard Newman IV: Dirt scraper having a hinged floor. Breiner & Breiner, June 23, 1998: US05769171 (1 worldwide citation)

A dirt scraping implement is provided including an external box-type body frame, a scraping blade, a hinged floor, and an activator for the hinged floor wherein packed dirt may be scraped and transported by relatively small farm machinery.

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