Jacobus A Rozendaal, Philip M O Grady, James F Boak, John M Averink, Geof J Gray: Conservation tillage implement, system and method. Salford Farm Machinery, Katten Muchin Rosenman L, November 13, 2012: US08307908 (3 worldwide citation)

A conservation tillage implement having three or more rows of individual coulter wheel assemblies laterally spaced apart and removably mounted on a cultivator frame, a coulter wheel assembly in a given row being staggered with respect to the coulter wheel assemblies in a longitudinally adjacent row. ...

Nicholson David: Apparatus for removing debris from ground. Nicholson Farm Machinery Co, October 12, 1994: GB2276803-A (3 worldwide citation)

The apparatus comprises a frame 14 which supports a rotatable cylindrical brush 1 having bristles, a rotatable roller 3 (optimally with wheels 4), an arcuate guide 5 extending around the brush 1 to guide debris carried thereby. In particular, the frame is movable across the ground and the brush is i ...

Hillam John Scott: Spreaders. Hillam Farm Machinery, March 10, 1999: GB2328853-A (3 worldwide citation)

A spreader for spreading many forms of slurry, the spreader having a rear slurry gate 10 which is movable upwardly and rearwardly relative to the remainder of the spreader by means of fluid-operated rams, the slurry gate being guided during its upward and rearward movement by guideways 14 on the wal ...

Munroe James Andrew: Expeller reel. Kidd Farm Machinery, February 11, 1987: GB2178287-A (3 worldwide citation)

An expeller reel for use in a manure spreader or any other agricultural machine adapted to discharge manure or other material as the machine is traversed over the ground, comprises a rotatable shaft (10) on which is mounted a plurality of axially spaced discs (11) to form between said discs a plural ...

Dix Peter J, Ni Bingcheng, Moaveninejad Kousha: Method and apparatus for creating curved swath patterns for farm machinery. Cnh Belgium, April 30, 2008: EP1915894-A2 (3 worldwide citation)

A swath generation apparatus (SGA) (10) creates a curved swath path (102 S=2 ) from a baseline swath path (102 S=1 ) for an agricultural vehicle with an associated implement. The baseline swath path (102 S=1 ) has a plurality of position data points (104), comprising at least three spaced apart posi ...

Geof J Gray, John Mark Averink, Jacobus A Rozendaal, Mikhail Rodionov: Resiliently mounted agricultural tool and implement therewith. Salford Farm Machinery, Katten Muchin Rosenman, February 5, 2013: US08365837 (2 worldwide citation)

A mounting device for a tillage assembly that comprises a resilient element and a horizontal pivot axis, which allows upward and rearward deflection of a tillage blade in response to impact with obstacles. the assembly advantageously allows lateral deflection of at least a support arm of the assembl ...

Geof J Gray, John Mark Averink: Spring mounted blade assembly and tillage implement therewith. Salford Farm Machinery, Katten Muchin Rosenman, February 26, 2013: US08381827 (2 worldwide citation)

Tillage blade assemblies comprising a coil spring with a horizontal spring axis to permit upward deflection of a concave tillage blade in response to impact with obstacles with a mounting assembly that provides for mounting the tillage blades in a particular orientation relative to the ground and th ...

Milton Anthony Borchard: Apparatus and method for removing plant stalks from a field and shredding the plant stalks. Johnson Farm Machinery Co, Thomas R Lampe, February 13, 2001: US06185919 (2 worldwide citation)

A system for removing plant stalks from a field and shredding the plant stalks. The plant stalks are cut and passed through feed rollers which directly feed the plant stalk to a shredder. Compression of the plant stalks by the feed rollers increases as the plant stalks slide between the feed rollers ...

W Richard Newman IV: Dirt scraper having a hinged floor. Breiner & Breiner, June 23, 1998: US05769171 (2 worldwide citation)

A dirt scraping implement is provided including an external box-type body frame, a scraping blade, a hinged floor, and an activator for the hinged floor wherein packed dirt may be scraped and transported by relatively small farm machinery.

Paul Nicholas John, Griffiths Edward Peter: Bale shredder.. Kidd Farm Machinery, January 9, 1991: EP0407112-A1 (2 worldwide citation)

A bale shredder comprising a rotatable tub (15), closure means (14) at one end of the tub, a bladed rotor (19) having access to the interior of the tub through an aperture (18) in said closure means (14), the rotor being of smaller diameter than the tub (15) and being rotatable about an axis general ...

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