Alfred Thomas, Benjamin T Gomez, Robert J Wilson Jr, Roger A Delott: Bonus game for a gaming machine. WMS Gaming, Jenkens & Gilchrist, November 27, 2001: US06322309 (334 worldwide citation)

A bonus game for a slot machine operable in a basic mode and a bonus mode. The bonus game is entered upon the occurrence of a special start-bonus game outcome in the basic mode. In the bonus game, a player selects, one at a time, from an array of windows each associated with a bonus game outcome. Cr ...

Gerrard M Carlson, Veerichetty A Kadhiresan, Julio C Spinelli: Heart rate variability as an indicator of exercise capacity. Cardiac Pacemakers, Nikolai Merserau & Dietz P A, February 15, 2000: US06026320 (331 worldwide citation)

Based upon patient studies indices a high degree of correlation was found between HRV and VO2.sub.max, i.e., the patient's exercise capacity. Based on this finding, a pacing therapy optimization protocol for treating patients with CHF has been devised. The protocol involves first pacing the patient' ...

Aaron F Bobick, W Thatcher Ulrich, J Bryan Lewis, Eliot Shepard, Peter Lehman: Interactive exercise apparatus. Tectrix Fitness Equipment, Testa Hurwitz & Thibeault, July 28, 1998: US05785630 (312 worldwide citation)

An interactive exercise apparatus engages a user's mind and body. The apparatus comprises an exercise mechanism, a steering mechanism, and a control mechanism for manipulation by the user to achieve exercise, to indicate a direction of motion, and to interact with virtual objects in a simulated envi ...

Jack B Stubbs, Kevin L Schwieger: Exercise monitoring system and methods. Paragon Solutions, Dinsmore & Shohl, May 18, 2004: US06736759 (309 worldwide citation)

An exercise monitoring system which includes an electronic positioning device; a physiological monitor; and a display unit configured for displaying data provided by the electronic positioning device and the physiological monitor.

Chau Yang Cheng: Exercise bicycle. Browdy and Neimark, June 20, 2000: US06077201 (304 worldwide citation)

An exercise bicycle is composed of a bicycle frame, a vibration device, a driving device, and a clutch device. The bicycle frame is provided with a pedal device. The vibration device and the pedal device are driven by the driving device such that the pedal device can be temporarily disabled by the c ...

Vergil L Daughtery III: Apparatus and process for calculating an option. Economic Inventions, Troutman Sanders, July 17, 2001: US06263321 (290 worldwide citation)

The present invention introduces an apparatus and process which may be implemented on a vast variety of computer systems. The apparatus and process of the present invention use a computer system to receive and store data representative of a particular asset, a type of option (call or put), requested ...

Malcolm L Bond, Philip T Dempster: Method for diagnosis and/or training of proprioceptor feedback capabilities in a muscle and joint system of a human patient. Loredan Biomedical, Townsend and Townsend, January 7, 1992: US05078152 (287 worldwide citation)

A method for diagnosis and/or training of proprioceptor feedback capabilities of a muscle and joint system of a human patient using an exercise system having a patient attachment device and an arrangement for controlling parameters of an exercise movement in response to a control signal derived from ...

P Venkat Rangan, Vijnan Shastri, P Srihari Sampath Kumar, Arya Ashwani: Hyperlinks resolution at and by a special network server in order to enable diverse sophisticated hyperlinking upon a digital network. HOTV, Fuess & Davidenas, December 21, 1999: US06006265 (285 worldwide citation)

Streaming digital hypervideo including copious embedded hyperlinks is distributed upon a digital communications network from a hypervideo server, normally an Internet Service Provider, to multitudinous client subscribers/users/viewers (client SUVs). Some or all of the client SUVs receive the same hy ...

Stefik Mark J, Pirolli Peter L T: System for controlling the distribution and use of digital works using digital tickets. Xerox, June 5, 1996: EP0715247-A1 (280 worldwide citation)

A system for controlling the distribution and use of digital works (101) using digital tickets. In the present invention, a "digital ticket" is used to entitle the ticket holder to exercise some usage right (102) with respect to a digital work. Usage rights are used to define how a digital work may ...

Chester L Schuler: Actuator having electronically controllable tactile responsiveness. Lex Computer and Management Corporation, Weingarten Schurgin Gagnebin & Hayes, May 9, 1995: US05414337 (277 worldwide citation)

An actuator having electronically controllable tactile responsiveness which is flexibly programmable to facilitate provision in a single actuator of torque-position characteristics, such as a selectable number of detents per actuation through its full operative path. A rotary actuator facilitates pr ...

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