Roger C Phillips: Colorimetric ethanol analysis method and test device. Lifescan, Richard L Neeley, February 13, 1990: US04900666 (123 worldwide citation)

A disposable test strip device for detecting and measuring ethanol in aqueous solutions is disclosed. The test strip includes an inert support pad that contains a stabilized dry form of the enzyme alcohol oxidase, a material having peroxidative activity and an oxygen acceptor that reacts with hydrog ...

Kimberly Ann Horan, Carl David Murphy, Russell Mark Stephens, R Jay Warner, Kenneth Allen Windhorst: Process improvement for continuous ethyl acetate production. Celanese International Corporation, M Susan Spiering, July 27, 2004: US06768021 (123 worldwide citation)

Disclosed herein is an improved process for producing ethyl acetate comprising contacting acetic acid and ethanol in a reaction zone in the presence of an acid catalyst, distilling formed vapors and condensing to form an organic phase rich in ethyl acetate and an aqueous phase rich in water, separat ...

Philip E Eggers, Scott P Huntley, Gamal Eddin Khalil: Cardiac output measurement with metabolizable analyte containing fluid. Cardiox Corporation, Mueller and Smith LPA, July 27, 1999: US05928155 (122 worldwide citation)

Cardiac output is measured utilizing a catheter in conjunction with the indicator dilution technique. Non-thermal analyte-containing fluid is used as the injectate. This fluid is biocompatible with and metabolizable within the body of the patient. An analyte concentration sensor is mounted upon the ...

[fr] Hydrogénation dacide éthanoïque pour produire de léthanol, [de] Hydrierung von Essigsäure zur Herstellung von Ethanol, [en] Hydrogenation of ethanoic acid to produce ethanol. BP, May 19, 2010: EP2186787-A1 (121 worldwide citation)

[en] The present invention relates to a process for the production of ethanol (and optionally methanol) from a carbonaceous feedstock wherein the ethanoic acid (produced by a multi-step process from the carbonaceous feedstock) is hydrogenated to produce ethanol in the same reactor unit and with the ...

Chang Clarence Dayton, Silvestri Anthony John, Smith Robert Lloyd: Production of gasoline hydrocarbons. Mobil Oil Corporation, Huggett Charles A, Farnsworth Carl D, December 23, 1975: US3928483 (121 worldwide citation)

This specification discloses a process for the production of aromatics-rich gasoline boiling-range hydrocarbons from the lower alcohols methanol, ethanol and propanol, or their ethers. The process is carried out in two or more stages. In the first stage, an alcohol or an ether is contacted with a co ...

James L Gaddy: Biological production of ethanol from waste gases with Clostridium ljungdahlii. Bioengineering Resources, Howson and Howson, October 24, 2000: US06136577 (120 worldwide citation)

A method and apparatus for converting waste gases from industrial processes such as oil refining, carbon black, coke, ammonia, and methanol production, into useful products is disclosed. The method includes introducing the waste gases into a bioreactor where they are fermented to various product, su ...

Daniel Berian John, Gracey Benjamin Patrick: Process for the production of alcohol from a carbonaceous feedstock. Bp, May 20, 2009: EP2060555-A1 (120 worldwide citation)

The present invention relates to a process for the production of ethanol from a carbonaceous feedstock; wherein the carbonaceous feedstock is first converted to synthesis gas which is then converted to ethanoic acid, which is then esterified and which is then hydrogenated to produce ethanol.

Stephen William Colley, Christopher Richard Fawcett, Colin Rathmell, Michael William Marshall Tuck: Process for the preparation of ethyl acetate. Davy Process Technology, Senniger Powers, October 26, 2004: US06809217 (118 worldwide citation)

Ethanol is dehydrogenated in the presence of hydrogen over a dehydrogenation catalyst, for example, a copper on silica catalyst. The liquefiable products present in the resulting intermediate reaction product mixture are selectively hydrogenated over a suitable catalyst, such as 5% ruthenium on carb ...

James L Gaddy, Edgar C Clausen: Clostridiumm ljungdahlii, an anaerobic ethanol and acetate producing microorganism. The Board of Trustees of the University of Arkansas, Hermann Ivester, December 22, 1992: US05173429 (118 worldwide citation)

A newly discovered microorganism was isolated in a biologically pure culture and designated Clostridium ljungdahlii, having the identifying characteristics of ATCC No. 49587. Cultured in an aqueous nutrient medium under anaerobic conditions, this microorganism is capable of producing ethanol and ace ...

Carlo Rescalli, Flavio Cianci: Process for separating alcohols from mixtures of alcohols, water and other compounds. Snamprogetti S p A, Oblon Spivak McClelland Maier & Neustadt, September 12, 1995: US05449440 (117 worldwide citation)

From a mixture containing methanol, ethanol, n-propanol, isobutanol water and other high-boiling and low-boiling compounds, the claimed process enables three separate streams to be obtained, one an anhydrous stream of methanol or methanol and ethanol (I), one containing most of the n-propanol presen ...

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