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Dilute aqueous acetic acid streams are treated by a sequence of steps whereby the acetic acid values are converted to ethanol which may be recovered in substantially anhydrous form. The acetic acid is extracted from water with an extractive solvent and esterioed by reaction with an alcohol such as a ...

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A process is disclosed for the production of an aliphatic alcohol having at least two carbon atoms, preferably ethanol, from a carbonaceous feedstock, preferably natural gas, via an intermediate aliphatic alcohol having one less carbon atom, preferably methanol, via an intermediate compound containi ...

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Method and apparatus are provided for simultaneously producing various forms of alcohol, including ethanol, which can likewise be withdrawn from the apparatus simultaneously. To this end, successive columns in the individual processing stages, each of which includes distillation, rectification, puri ...

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Ethyl acetate cannot be completely removed from ethanol and water mixtures by distillation because of the presence of the minimum ternary azeotrope. Ethyl acetate can be readily removed from mixtures containing it, ethanol and water by using extractive distillation in which the extractive distillati ...

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The vapor phase formation of carboxylic acid alcohols and/or esters such as ethanol and ethyl acetate from the corresponding mono and di-functional carboxylic acid, such as acetic acid, in the presence of a copper oxide-metal oxide supported catalyst, such as CuO/ZnAl2O4.

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A thermally-integrated extractive distillation process for recovering anhydrous ethanol from fermentation or synthetic feedstocks has a distillation train of four columns. Two columns are preconcentrators operated in parallel. The remaining columns are an extractive distillation dehydrating tower, a ...

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A disposable test strip device for detecting and measuring ethanol in aqueous solutions is disclosed. The test strip includes an inert support pad that contains a stabilized dry form of the enzyme alcohol oxidase, a material having peroxidative activity and an oxygen acceptor that reacts with hydrog ...

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The invention provides methods and apparatus for selectively producing ethanol from syngas. As disclosed herein, syngas derived from cellulosic biomass (or other sources) can be catalytically converted into methanol, which in turn can be catalytically converted into acetic acid or acetates. Finally, ...

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A commercially available resin such as polystyrene is converted into a phthalimidomethyl-resin by treatment with potassium phthalimide. The phthalimidomethyl-resin is converted into an amino resin with hydrazine in ethanol. The amino resin is then combined with an activated ester of a nucleoside to ...

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This specification discloses a process for the production of aromatics-rich gasoline boiling-range hydrocarbons from the lower alcohols methanol, ethanol and propanol, or their ethers. The process is carried out in two or more stages. In the first stage, an alcohol or an ether is contacted with a co ...