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There is provided a probe apparatus with a stage for holding a wafer on which a plurality of chips are regularly arranged such that the chips are arranged substantially in an XY plane, a large number of contactors facing the wafer held on the stage, provided to corresponding to respective pads of th ...

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An elevator device insertable into and transportable in a motor vehicle for lifting and lowering heavy loads comprises a base plate, a main frame and an additional frame, and an elevating arrangement positioned between said frames. The elevating arrangement is foldable to vertically stand and lean a ...

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The invention is concerned with assistance to handicapped persons. The device according to the invention is in the form of an articulated structure comprising two symmetrical lateral systems each comprising a first deformable quadrilateral, a second deformable quadrilateral, a trilateral, an elastic ...

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Automated apparatus transfers SMDs with leads for contacting mounting pad surfaces of surface mount PCBs from containers to nests on a rotatable dial, such that the nests support the SMDs by the leads without touching the body of an SMD. At a test station an elevator device elevated the nest to plac ...

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This invention is an electrically powered movable elevator device comprised of a base mounted on wheels upon which is mounted a substantially vertical hollow support member through which a screw passes. A support nut attaches to a platform and engages the screw. An electrical control system attached ...

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A plurality of cassette cases for accommodating coin packages are vertically arranged in a coin package dispensing apparatus. An elevator device is disposed to be vertically movable so that it is adapted to be aligned with each of cassette case. The elevator has a discharge cam which transfers coin ...

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A indoor-type mechanized storage facility includes a box-shaped casing and an elevator device coupled to the casing. The casing contains a plurality of storage portions which are aligned with each other, and a passageway portion which is formed in front of the storage portions. The elevator device i ...

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A workpiece loading and unloading method and apparatus are disclosed especially for plate processing machines, such as a punch press. The apparatus includes a workpiece storage device positioned on one side of the plate processing machine and having a plurality of vertically arranged shelves for sup ...

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A toilet seat elevator device which is adapted to be pivotally attached to a toilet bowl and to pivotally support a toilet seat on its upper surface.