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An image scanning apparatus for obtaining radiographic information from a detector system. The apparatus produces a video signal by optical readout of a latent image found in a detector system. The video signal is processed and displayed to provide radiographic information.

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Electrostatic imaging apparatus comprises a plurality of electrostatic radiators and a signal generator for driving the radiators to produce an electrostatic field having characteristics modifiable by the presence of an object within the field. The field characteristics are detected and processed to ...

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There is disclosed an electrostatic imaging apparatus which incorporates the continuous use of a reusable, flexible imaging member in an imaging system in conjunction with full-frame exposure.

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An electrostatic imaging process uses either a moving belt or a rotating drum with an insulative or dielectric layer backed by a conductive layer. A matrix of writing styli are used to charge the dielectric layer which are ionized air jets. After the image is developed by a toner, the toner is heate ...

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A cleaning device for electrostatic imaging apparatus is movable between a position engaging a transfer drum and a position out of such engagement. The device has a biased roller of a soft conductive silicone rubber which is rolled by the drum surface. A bias on the roller attracts toner from the dr ...

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Electrostatic imaging apparatus for transfer development of latent images employing a developer donor member with a plurality of raised micro-pins on the donor surface, for self-spacing the donor from the imaging surface. Methods of producing such donors are disclosed.

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Disclosed is a process which comprises incorporating into an electrostatic imaging apparatus a recording sheet comprising a support on one surface of which are situated microcapsules which comprise a shell and a core containing a color former and an oil, said microcapsules being strengthened with po ...

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A method of adjusting imaging apparatus including: (a) charging a photoreceptor surface to a first voltage; (b) selectively discharging portions of the charged photoreceptor surface, with a beam of electromagnetic energy such as a laser beam or LED output, having a controllable power, to form a pred ...

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A method and apparatus is provided for toning a latent electrostatic image on an exposed photoconductive surface of an electrophotographic member, using liquid toner comprising toner particles suspended in an electrically insulating liquid dispersant. Plural, generally identical, toner modules are a ...

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The present invention provide a toner for developing an electrostatic image. The toner comprises a binder resin and a coloring agent. The binder resin comprises a styrene type binder resin. The amount of an aldehyde contained in the binder resin is not more than 0.005% by weight based on the weight ...