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A negative-electrification type electrophotographic photoreceptor which has an undercoat layer slightly soluble or insoluble in solvents and retains stable properties, and to provide a contact electrification type electrophotographic apparatus employing the photoreceptor and less apt to suffer diele ...

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A storage unit is disclosed for transferring toner from the storage unit to a toner receiving receptacle in an electrophotographic apparatus without exposing the operator to contact with the toner. The storage unit includes a toner container; a removable tear strip which seals an opening in the cont ...

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A printer for printing color toner images on a receiver member of any of a variety of textures. The printer has a number of tandemly arranged electrophotographic image-forming modules respectively including a plurality of imaging subsystems to form a colored toner image transferred to a receiver mem ...

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One or more marks (34), (36) are provided on a non-image area of a platen (23) which supports an original document (16). Electrostatic images of the document (16) and mark (34) are formed on a photoconductive drum (12) and developed to form toner images. The toner image of the original document (16) ...

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A dual mode xerographic copier/printer is selectively operable to form a latent image of an original document on a photoconductor, or to raster-scan the photoconductor with a laser printing beam which is under the control of a binary-data-defined image to thereby form a latent image thereof.

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