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An electronic apparatus for improving skills in reflex, speed and accuracy of the player as well as for recreational purposes is disclosed in which multiple targets spread around the player are selected with random sequence by an electronic device. The selections of targets are indicated by the visu ...

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An object of the invention is to improve the operability and ease of use of electronic apparatus generally known as electronic notebooks used for storing and displaying textual data and other data entered thereto. The electronic apparatus facilitates effective creation of text having a hierarchical ...

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A card-like electronic apparatus includes a plurality of external contacts and input terminals. The apparatus further includes a memory for storing application data, a designating unit for designating the application as stored in the memory, and a display unit for displaying the designated applicati ...

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A thin film device fabrication method in which a thin film device formed on a substrate are transferred to a primary destination-of-transfer part and then the thin film device is transferred to a secondary destination-of-transfer part. A first separation layer (

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A display apparatus is provided with a current driving type light-emitting device and a driving device for controlling a driving current flowing through the light-emitting device for each pixel of the display apparatus. The display apparatus consists of power source units for supplying power for cau ...

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An electronic apparatus for sensing the percentage of different blood constituents in arterial blood. Light of a plurality of separate wave lengths is sequentially made to pass through a portion of the body, either by direct transmission or scattering so that the pulsatile blood flow modulates the i ...


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A compact electronic apparatus comprises a main unit having at least a power supplying section and a display, at least one of several processing units having a key input section and a memory adapted to be removably attached to the main unit and a connecting section for connecting one of said process ...

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The apparatus includes a high frequency, high voltage generator, a therapeutic instrument for applying an electric current to a patient, a compound electrical power and control cable connected between the generator and the instrument, and a switch for selectively connecting at least one signal curre ...

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A signal transmission system includes concentratedly arranged various kinds of electronic apparatus capable of transmitting information such as audio and/or video, and so forth. The system is provided with a main controller for controlling those apparatus and an auxiliary controller arranged in a pl ...