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An apparatus and method for utilizing natural energy in the production of electricity having an alternating current is disclosed wherein the natural energy is utilized to pressurize hydraulic fluid. The hydraulic fluid is temporarily stored within high pressure storage tanks to be utilized in the pr ...

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A small wind-powered electricity generation system, providing regulated AC electric power from wind energy to a power system grid, has a wind turbine that produces less than 10 kW of peak electric power in a permanent magnet generator that produces generator power with a frequency that varies with t ...

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This invention discloses a wave action electricity generation system that includes a floating platform that supports the system components on the surface of a body of water, an anchor means for controlling movement of the platform to a desired water surface area of the body of water, a kinetic energ ...

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A solar cell module comprises a photovoltaic device having a flexible substrate. The photovoltaic device has a strain at least partly in the planar direction of the flexible substrate, and the strain is not greater than a critical value at which the photovoltaic device cracks. The solar cell module ...

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An electricity generation system is disclosed for utilization with a natural gas purification system. In one embodiment, a gas-driven engine which is substantially powered by a low-BTU gas produced in a natural gas purification process is mechanically coupled to an electric motor and is utilized to ...

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A wind powered electricity generation system having at least one wind vane assembly, an elongated shaft attached substantially perpendicularly to the bottom of the wind vane assembly, a tower supporting the shaft, and drive gears mounted on the shaft that are connected to an electricity generator. E ...

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An electricity generation system that has the ability to generate clean electrical power by mechanically capturing the tremendous power of large trees as they sway in the wind. The system utilizes a modular unit that is mounted on a frame assembly covered by a housing. A plurality of spring motors a ...

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The present invention relates to an electricity generation system, using freon as an agent to circulate between a warm heat source and a cold heat sink, recapturing electrical energy on one side and alleviating thermal pollution in the environment on the other side.

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