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A semiconductor wafer has integrated circuit dies formed in an array of rows and columns. Selector circuits occur in the areas between the dies and are electrically connected to the individual dies for selecting between a functional mode and a bypass mode for testing. Probe areas are formed on the p ...

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An assembly apparatus is disclosed for manufacturing cable harnesses having a measured length of a multi-conductor flat flexible cable terminated by at least two electrical connectors. The assembly apparatus includes a conductor testing and cable cutting station, a connector crimp termination statio ...

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Precisely controlled grooves are formed in a semiconductor wafer as part of a total photolithographic process of producing the circuitry and the V-grooves for precise registration of the circuitry relative the edges of the individual chips of the wafer. The same registration facilitates automated el ...

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An adjustable probe to be utilized in probe card technology during the multiprobe electrical testing of integrated circuits. The adjustable probe includes a pair of slots for expansion/contraction and adjustment to obtain a high degree of planarization and placement accuracy of the probe needle.

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Disclosed is a plug or closure for sealing the electrical terminal block of a cardiac pacing device from contact with body fluids while allowing access to the terminal block when the closure is in place. The closure is made of an elastomeric material and includes an upper surface containing a first ...

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A shift register or other electronic drive circuit, for an LCD or other active matrix device includes a series of circuit blocks each having redundancy in the form of parallel circuit paths. When the circuit is turned on, self-testing and redundancy selection is carried out by individual test and co ...

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An electrical testing device is provided for testing integrated circuits located on a wafer. The testing device employs a multi-layer test circuit having a plurality of contacts for contacting the integrated circuits on a wafer. The layers of the test circuit are embedded in a flexible, supportive d ...

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An electrical testing device for determining the continuity between ground terminals of an electrical power cord and determining the electrical grounding of an electrical power tool. The electrical testing device can also be configured to determine the proper polarity on each of the hot, negative, a ...

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A semiconductor-wafer chuck for heating and cooling a device-under-test includes a heat-spreader plate with a clamping surface for a semiconductor wafer. A heater is disposed within the heat-spreader plate. A chiller heat-exchanger provides for heat removal. A motion control system is used to move t ...

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A system is disclosed for generating test data for testing logic circuits. It has a store storing a respective Logic List for each of the basic logic circuit types in the form of a list of logic states identifying terminals of the logic circuit to which specified data inputs are to be applied and te ...