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A re-usable carrier having a cavity for receiving unpackaged die with molded metallized probe heads to establish contact with the bond pads of the die, enabling the die to be functionally tested through the existing test systems. The novel carrier has metallized contacts for making electrical connec ...

Stephen Mark Sekel: Self-calibrating electrical test probe. Le Croy Corporation, Law Office of Karen Dana Oster, March 22, 2005: US06870359 (40 worldwide citation)

A self-calibrating test probe system of the present invention does not require probing head removal and replacement. Using the system of the present invention, the test probe and/or the entire system (including a testing instrument) may be calibrated or may self-calibrate while the probing head rema ...

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The invention is a unique test contact and connector useful in automatic testing equipment (ATE). The contact connector has a bellows-type configuration which has no internal moving or sliding parts. Compliance is effected through compression of the bellows. With a helical bellows design, the contac ...

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A reusable burn-in/test fixture for testing unsingulated dice on a semiconductor wafer consists of two halves. The first half of the test fixture is a wafer cavity plate for receiving the wafer, and the second half establishes electrical communication between the wafer and electrical test equipment. ...

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A process for forming die contacting substrate for establishing ohmic contact with the die is formed with raised portions on contact members. The raised portions are dimensioned so that a compression force applied to the die against the substrate results in a limited penetration of the contact membe ...

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Electrical interconnects for solar cells or other electronic components using a silver-silicone paste or a lead-tin (Pb-Sn) no-clean fluxless solder cream, whereby the high breakage of thin (<6 mil thick) solar cells using conventional solder interconnect is eliminated. The interconnects of this inv ...

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A lead-over-chip single-in-line memory module (LOC SIMM) and method of manufacturing is disclosed that provides for shortened wire bonds and ease of rework for unacceptable semiconductor dice. More specifically, the LOC SIMM of the present invention includes a plurality of slots extending through a ...

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The invention is directed to a device combining a handled tool, such as wire strippers, with one or more testing components useful for testing electrical circuits, such as continuity testers and voltage detectors, with the testing components integrated into a like number of handle grips.

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A battery package includes a display card and a plastic casing rotatably mounted on the display card. The display card and the plastic casing define therebetween a plurality of compartments uniformly arranged in a circular path. Each of the compartments is provided for storing a battery. The display ...

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An interposer for evaluating an electrical characteristic of a ball grid array package or of a semiconductor die thereof. The interposer includes electrically conductive vias positioned correspondingly to bond pads of the semiconductor die and to the electrical contacts or terminals of a carrier sub ...