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An improved filling material having superior handling characteristics and useful for waterproofing electrical cables is disclosed. The material is a styrene-ethylene butylene styrene block copolymer dissolved in a naphthenic or paraffinic oil, with polyethylene added for consistency.

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Representative embodiments are disclosed herein of new and improved armored electrical cables for supporting well tools in extra-deep well bores in which extreme geothermal temperatures may be encountered. To support the cable armor, the electrical conductors in these cables are enclosed within a tu ...

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A virtual control system for an operating room establishes virtual control devices to control surgical equipment and patient monitoring equipment and to display control, status and functionality information concerning the surgical equipment and condition information of the patient. The virtual contr ...

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A terminating and grounding connector for electrical cables and the like. The connector includes a housing and an end member screw threadedly mounted on said housing. A resilient annular electrically conductive coil spring is mounted between adjacent portions of the housing and end member. As the en ...

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An office partition is formed by interconnection at adjacent posts of screens each comprising a load-carrying frame of posts and rails. Cladding panels are demountably supported on each face of the frame at an outward clearance from the posts and rails. Each cladding panel has on its concealed face ...

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The embodiment relates to a wireless power transmission apparatus and a wireless power transmission method. The wireless power transmission apparatus includes a first power converting unit to generate high-frequency AC signals; a second power converting unit to generate low-frequency AC signals; a f ...

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A portable computer is contained within an outer metal case which physically encapsulates and protects the working components of the computer in the closed, portable configuration. The metal case includes a base which serves as a heat sink for transferring waste heat from heat producing electrical c ...

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A remote-controlled mobile cleaning device for removal and collection of high radioactive waste debris in a spent nuclear fuel process and fabrication area, such as a hot-cell, is disclosed. The device includes navigation means for moving it to the desired cleaning location and climbing over such ob ...

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The activation and deactivation of an outdoors, hose faucet-mounted valve unit to control the flow of water through a standard garden hose with attached sprinkler is remotely controlled from indoors rather than at the valve unit. This is accomplished without the use of unwieldy and unsightly electri ...

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A single hand-held tester performs both off-line continuity tests and on-line voltage tests for electrical cables and equipment such as that used in entertainment, studio or stage lighting. A test plug and a test socket fixed one at each end enable the tester to (a) plug into a power outlet socket t ...