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The invention provides an active matrix EL display device comprising a thin film transistor formed over a substrate, the thin film transistor including a gate electrode over the substrate; an insulating film over the gate electrode; and an oxide semiconductor film over the gate electrode with the in ...

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A drive unit for driving a corresponding one of organic EL elements of an active matrix EL display device includes a blanking switch for blanking the video signal stored in a storage capacitor in each frame period before the start of the next frame period. A drive transistor drives a corresponding E ...

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A method of manufacturing an organic EL element according to the present invention comprises the steps of forming pixel electrodes (801), (802), (803) on a transparent substrate (804) and forming on the pixel electrodes by patterning luminescent layers (806), (807), (808) made of an organic compound ...

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An object of the present invention is to provide an EL display device, which has a high operating performance and reliability. A third passivation film


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PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide a clear multilevel color displayable EL display device and an electronic device with it.SOLUTION: A current supplied to an EL element 110 is controlled by providing a resistor 109 of a resistance value higher than on-resistance of a current controlling TFT 108 betwee ...

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An electroluminescence display device has a plurality of electroluminescence elements and a driver circuit formed over a substrate. At least a part of the driver circuit is disposed in a display portion of a substrate in order that the size of the display device can be reduced.

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An EL display device capable of reducing an average film resistance of an anode in an EL device as well as displaying an image with high definition, and electrical equipment including such an EL display device are provided. A light-shielding metal film (

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An organic EL display device driven by thin-film transistors is disclosed, wherein for suppressing the deterioration with time of thin-film transistors, at least one of the thin-film transistors, or a second thin-film transistor is formed of a p-channel type thin-film transistor. The p-channel type ...

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An organic EL display device has a substrate, a plurality of organic EL elements formed on the substrate and a plurality of thin film transistors formed on the substrate. The transistors are connected to the respective EL elements for controlling current applied to the respective elements. Each of t ...