Johnston Robin, O& 039, Neal David, Mcdermott John: Method and system for hands-on e-learning. Learning Tree Internat, July 2, 2003: EP1323057-A1

A remotely training system (220) provides instruction to one or more users at the same or different times in an interactive manner that provides actual responses to the actual user inputs during instruction. Within the system, the user computer and additional networked computers typically cannot be ...


Siregar Pridi: Simulation of complex systems. Integrative Biocomputing R, December 16, 2009: EP2133829-A1

The invention provides a software architecture for generating and self-assembling multi-scale computer models of dynamic systems, in a way that mimics (bottom-up) morphogenesis in living organisms, but with the addition of (top-down) constraints that result in efficient model generation. Once genera ...

Needham John Gerald: Computer based teaching/learning system.. N E Learning Com, November 21, 2001: GB2362495-A

An arrangement for teaching or learning comprises a computer having groups of questions which it can pose to a user. Each group of questions is posed on a plurality of occasions, the interval between successive asking of an individual or group of questions being increased in response to correct answ ...

魏喜平: M-Learning无线网络学习系统. 深圳市问鼎资讯有限公司, September 7, 2011: CN201020506618.2


Bagley Elizabeth V, Mcgrath Frank, Nesbitt Pamela A, Tobin William C: Work-embedded e-learning method and system. Ibm, liying, June 27, 2007: CN200610136300

Embodiments of the present invention address deficiencies of the art in respect to e-learning and provide a novel and non-obvious method, system and computer program product for contextually invoking e-learning services for work-embedded e-learning. In one embodiment, a method for on-demand work-emb ...


Altenhofen Michael, Krebs Andreas S, Gerteis Wolfgang: Navigating e-learning course materials. Sap, January 26, 2005: EP1500065-A1

A learning system, method, and software generate a navigation path through a course based on a learning strategy. The course may be navigated by receiving graphs corresponding to the course, applying the learning strategy to the graphs, and generating a navigation path through the course for the lea ...


Theilmann Wolfgang, Gerteis Wolfgang, Altenhofen Michael: Structural elements for a collaborative e-learning system. Sap, February 2, 2005: EP1502247-A2

A learning system, method, and data structure provides collaborative activities between learners. The system includes an interface to receive a learning strategy selected by a learner. A content management system stores one or more structural elements associated with a course. A learning management ...

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