Sami Habib, Maytham H Safar: Capacity planning tool for the web. Kuwait University, Richard C Litman, June 28, 2011: US07970824

The current invention is a Capacity Planning Tool for the Web. This tool is developed and integrated to be within an Internet browser tool. The tool is used as an XML markup language for describing multimedia presentations. It can be used to examine the capacity of the server and network to transmit ...


Ho Keung Tse: Apparatus for E-learning and method therefor. August 11, 2015: US09104880

A method or apparatus for assisting a user to access a plurality of eBooks is provided. When a user accesses an eBook, the method or apparatus can assist the user to seek assistance from the Internet, or prepare homework, while at the same time, prevent plagiarisms of homework.

Katsuyama Yutaka, Takebe Hiroaki, Ozawa Noriaki, Naoi Satoshi: Apparatus and method for determining whether images correspond to each other and program therefor. Fujitsu, September 24, 2003: EP1347396-A1

At a lecture (2) or the like, the lecturer uses overhead projector (OHP) files (4). A moving image is also produced by photographing (3) the lecturer using such OHP files. An apparatus (1) identifies resemblances between the OHP files and OHP image regions of frame images constituting the moving ima ...

Carnegie Andrew James, Verrios Denis, Bowd Kevin Anthony: Learning content management system. Tentendigital, April 23, 2003: GB2381086-A

A content management system for managing the contents of an internet-based learning system which includes movie components, includes means for interactively adding, deleting or amending the movie components without having to carry out specific program editing. Means may also be provided for adding, ...

Jacob Couch, Curtis Stratman, Jeremy Espenshade, Scott Reynolds: System and methods for sequencing learning objects based upon query and user relevancy. International Business Machines Corporation, Novak Druce Connolly Bove Quigg, June 11, 2013: US08463174

A system for generating a sequence of learning objects comprising an e-Learning course is provided. The system can include one or more processors and a memory unit for electronically storing data comprising a plurality of learning objects. The system further can include a sequence builder configured ...

Hildebrandt Tomas, Meyer Marek: Lossless format-dependent analysis and modification of multi-document e-learning resources. Sap, May 30, 2007: EP1791067-A1

Content stored in a plurality of electronic files (110) that belong to a course of learning resources is read. An object-oriented representation (112) of structures of the content is generated, where the representation includes objects that represent portions of the content, and a semantic content m ...

Lebleu Jerome: Career training and management method for e.g. e-learning field, involves implementing part of specific training program in off-line or disconnected mode, and sending training information from individual device to specific server. Agora Inf L, Telmedia, September 2, 2005: FR2866964-A1

The method involves registering availability of a specific training program and individual information on a specific server (3). A part of the specific training program is retrieved for storing it on an individual device (1). The part of the program is implemented in an off-line mode or a disconnect ...

Kim Jong Hae, Han Kyoung Ja, Kim Michael Jitae: Method and related system for authenticating e-learning study. Kim Jong Hae, Han Kyoung Ja, Kim Michael Jitae, May 6, 2009: GB2454393-A

This invention provides an e-learning system having a capability for authenticating the learner's ID via Internet with the learner's physical Bio-ID such as a fingerprint, an iris and/or a vein of the learner into the login process and additional periodic checking according to the instruction signal ...


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