Guillaume Mercier: High definition media storage structure and playback mechanism. Digital Video Express, David G Grossman, March 8, 2005: US06865747 (78 worldwide citation)

An apparatus and method for storing and playing high definition content is disclosed. This invention provides a mechanism for storing and playing back high definition content on a medium such as DVD optical disc. One aspect of the invention is that elementary streams may be multiplexed and processed ...

Ko Jung Wan: Recording medium for storing defect management information for recording real time data, defect managing method therefor, and real time data recording method. Samsung Electronics, April 2, 2003: EP1298659-A1 (78 worldwide citation)

A recording medium for storing defect management information to record real time data, a defect managing method therefor, and a method of recording real time data, are provided. The recording medium stores information representing use or non-use of linear replacement defect management in which a def ...

Daniel L Nolting: Media presentation system controlled by voice to text commands. McKay B Associates PC, April 6, 2004: US06718308 (78 worldwide citation)

A system and method for searching, assembling, and manipulating a variety of multi-media using voice converted to text commands. Digital images, movies, audio, or text is verbally searched and retrieved from a variety of video and audio databases using a combination of directional commands and a mea ...

Hiroki Zenda: Multimedia computer system. Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba, Cushman Darby & Cushman IP Group of Pillsbury Madison & Sutro, September 15, 1998: US05809245 (77 worldwide citation)

Full-motion video data with a sub-picture and sound is recorded in a DVD-ROM drive. The DVD-ROM drive is connected to an ATAPI interface. Using a data buffer of the ATAPI interface, an MPEG stream is transferred to an MPEG2 decoder on the system board at a variable rate, and video data, audio data, ...

Bahram Ghaffarzadeh Kermani: Voice clip search. Agere Systems, William H Bollman, February 24, 2004: US06697796 (77 worldwide citation)

A technique and apparatus to allow a digital search of the entries in a digital audio database such as the Flash memory of a telephone answering system, the hard drive of a voice messaging system, the audio tracks on a compact disk, a cassette tape, a digital video disk (DVD), a videotape, etc. In o ...

Naofumi Yanagihara, Mari Horiguchi: Apparatus for transmitting data in isochronous and asynchronous manners, an apparatus for receiving the same, and a system and method for such transmitting and receiving of such data. Sony Corporation, William S Frommer, Dennis M Smid, Frommer Lawrence & Haug, May 15, 2001: US06233393 (74 worldwide citation)

In a system having a digital video disc (DVD) player and a number of presentation devices (such as a television receiver, video cassette recorder/reproducer, and so forth), the DVD player may transmit presentation data and a portion of control or navigation data obtained from a digital video disc (D ...

Ryuji Ishiguro, Yoshitomo Osawa, Yoshio Osakabe, Makoto Sato, Hisato Shima, Tomoyuki Asano: INFORMATION PROCESSING APPARATUS, INFORMATION PROCESSING METHOD, INFORMATION PROCESSING SYSTEM AND RECORDING MEDIUM USING AN APPARATUS ID AND PROVIDED LICENSE KEY FOR AUTHENTICATION OF EACH INFORMATION TO BE PROCESSED. Sony Corporation, William S Frommer, Gordon Kessler, Frommer Lawrence & Haug, March 19, 2002: US06360320 (74 worldwide citation)

A hash function and a service key are stored in advance in an EEPROM of a DVD player serving as a source. In an EEPROM of a personal computer (PC) serving as a sink, on the other hand, its ID and a license key are stored beforehand. The DVD player requests the PC to transmit the ID. The DVD player t ...

Hajime Morito: Copy protection apparatus and method. Hitachi, Mattingly Stanger & Malur P C, August 24, 2004: US06782190 (74 worldwide citation)

An apparatus and method of copy protection for use in digital data recorders such as DVD-RAM recorders (

Riku Suomela: System and method for accessing ubiquitous resources in an intelligent environment. Nokia Corporation, Morgan & Finnegan L, April 26, 2005: US06885362 (72 worldwide citation)

A system and method for enabling a wireless terminal to access and operate ubiquitous devices (“UDs”), such as televisions, DVD players, etc. The system comprises a server coupled to access points and UDs via a LAN or a WLAN. Each access point is associated with both a map of an associated area and ...

Chander P Chawla, Gerry K Noren: Radiation-curable composition having high cure speed. DSM, Pillsbury Winthrop, April 23, 2002: US06376571 (72 worldwide citation)

A fast curing radiation-curable composition useful as coating compositions for inner and outer primary coatings, inks, ribbons other matrix material coating layers for coating and surrounding optical fibers. The improved radiation-curable compositions, having a propoxylated monomer or oligomer compo ...

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