Hajime Morito, Hiroshi Yoshiura, Michael Roe: Copy protection apparatus and method. Hitachi, Mattingly Stanger & Malur P C, October 30, 2001: US06310956 (94 worldwide citation)

An apparatus and method of copy protection for use in digital data recorders such as DVD-RAM recorders, which includes embedding transmission time information into a digital data stream by digital watermarking and comparing the transmission time with the current time at the data recorder (

Rainer Brodersen, Gregory Kent Wallace: Menu authoring system and method for automatically performing low-level DVD configuration functions and thereby ease an author's job. Apple Computer, Pillsbury Winthrop, September 17, 2002: US06453459 (94 worldwide citation)

A DVD authoring system in a processor-based system removes an author from consideration of the DVD Specification during authoring. According to a preferred embodiment, the authoring system provides an authoring engine having an interactive graphical authoring interface, a data management engine, an ...

Kamran Ahmed, Alexandre Lahaise, Gilles Forest, Yves Tremblay, Lorne Trottier: Multiple display device display controller with video overlay and full screen video outputs. Matrox Graphics, James Anglehart, Alexandra Daoud, Ogilvy Renault, August 10, 2004: US06774912 (94 worldwide citation)

Multiple independent displays from one graphics controller can be driven in a wide variety of modes using multiple display controllers. This invention incorporates a unique combination of enhancement building on a generic single multi-display graphics subsystem. Digital video is gaining vast popular ...

Kenji Tagawa, Mitsuhiro Inoue, Shunji Harada, Masayuki Kozuka, Shoichi Aoyama, Yukako Ohtani, Noboru Hirata: Contents copying system, copying method, computer-readable recording medium and disc drive copying contents but not a cipher key via a host computer. Matsushita Electric Industrial, Wenderoth Lind & Ponack L, September 2, 2003: US06615192 (91 worldwide citation)

A content copying system is formed from a host computer and connected disc drive, a removable recording medium being loaded into the latter. When the removable recording medium loaded into the disc drive is DVD-Audio, the disc drive reads a title, recorded on the recording medium and outputs it to t ...

Kenneth G Mages, Jie Feng, Kent Mages: Method of securing the playback of a DVD-ROM via triggering data sent via a cable network. HyperLOCK Technologies, Hamman & Benn, March 7, 2000: US06035329 (91 worldwide citation)

A method and system for implementing the pay-per-view DVD-ROM system, whereby the enabling data provided to the DVD-player allowing the playback of the DVD-ROM video data is provided to the DVD-player via the Internet or via the cable-TV system provider. The invention discriminates between DVD-ROM's ...

Kia Silverbrook, Paul Lapstun: Interactive information device with integral printer. Silverbrook Research, July 18, 2006: US07077748 (89 worldwide citation)

An interactive information console is configured to accept information defined by an interactive program on a detachable storage medium, such as a DVD, CD-ROM, cartridge or the like. The information, may include educational and/or gaming data, with which a user interacts via a controller device. At ...

Guillaume Mercier: High definition media storage structure and playback mechanism. Digital Video Express, David G Grossman, March 8, 2005: US06865747 (89 worldwide citation)

An apparatus and method for storing and playing high definition content is disclosed. This invention provides a mechanism for storing and playing back high definition content on a medium such as DVD optical disc. One aspect of the invention is that elementary streams may be multiplexed and processed ...

Derrill L Sturgeon, Donald K Zickefoose: Customization schemes for content presentation in a device with converged functionality. Compaq Computer Corporation, Sharp Comfort & Merrett P C, August 6, 2002: US06429879 (89 worldwide citation)

Schemes for customization of content presentation relating to a Digital Versatile/Video Disc source, which source is preferably integrated into a convergence device system. A user preferences or settings database is provided that is automatically maintained or supported by a computer subsystem, wher ...

Viktors Berstis: Multi-user video hard disk recorder. International Business Machines Corporation, Leslie A Van Leeuwen, May 13, 2003: US06564005 (88 worldwide citation)

A multi-user system, method, and computer-usable medium facilitate time-shifting of television program viewing for users. Each user is identified by an associated user profile, and a program schedule, including a list of desired programs to be recorded, is maintained for each user. The television pr ...

Koyu Yamanoi, Hiroshi Kobayashi, Futoshi Fujinara: Wide capture range circuitry. Texas Instruments Incorporated, W Daniel Swayze Jr, W James Brady, Frederick J Telecky Jr, July 31, 2001: US06269058 (88 worldwide citation)

Circuitry and method for synchronizing operating speeds of signal processing devices to the data rate of a signal. It applies in particular to Compact Disk (CD) and Digital Versatile Disk (DVD) drives to be used with portable devices. The circuitry does not require clock synchronization speeds in ex ...

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