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An apparatus for boring an elongated borehole with a drilling apparatus which contains a flux sensitive coil and directional drilling control apparatus. An antenna is inserted through a borehole which has already been drilled and is connected between ground and a signal generating apparatus. Flux ge ...

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A drilling apparatus for forming a horizontal borehole substantially parallel to a first drilled horizontal borehole which has a signal generating apparatus inserted into the first borehole. A horizontal drill is inserted into the subterranean strata adjacent the first drilled borehole and operated ...

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Well drilling apparatus including a top drive drilling assembly having a motor driven stem adapted to be attached to the upper end of a drill string and drive it during a drilling operation, a torque wrench carried by the top drive assembly and movable upwardly and downwardly therewith and operable ...

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An apparatus for rock cutting and drilling. A preferred embodiment of the apparatus is a drill bit comprised of composite compact cutters removably secured or attached to the drill crown. The cutter is preferably comprised of a stud or pin with an abrasive composite compact bonded at one end of the ...

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An information while drilling apparatus and method for characterizing strata in the vicinity of a drill bit at the lower end of a drill string, including a down-hole module unit and surface receiving and control units. Excitation currents are caused to pass through the drill string, drill bit and su ...

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A down-hole drilling apparatus having a drill tool assembly with a cutting head at one end connected to an umbilical which extends to a retrieval reel on the surface. The umbilical provides electrical power, drilling fluid and means for instrumentation and control signals to be transmitted between t ...

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Curved bore drilling apparatus and methods having a remotely actuated, pivotal rocker arm and cantilevered, curved guide means which guide and advance a cutting means through a predetermined curved path to drill one or more curved bores within a solid material.

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Drilling apparatus for attachment to a rotary motor includes a flexible shaft confined in an elongated tubular sheath. The sheath is formed from a semi-rigid material which is bendable to a desired curvature, at the use site to select the curvature of the drilled hole, and which is rigid enough to r ...

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A highly efficient and effective ultrasonic nailing and drilling apparatus for various precision use, such as medical or dental surgery, comprises of a piezoelectric transducer means to give an axial thrust and a motor to give a rotation to a bit. Therefore, this ultrasonic nailing and drilling appa ...

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The apparatus has a housing which is secured to the lower end of a drilling motor body and carries an arbor that is secured to the output shaft of the motor. The arbor has three segments serially connected by gimbals. The upper segment is axially fixed by the bearings of the motor and has a lower en ...