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A dispenser (1) has an admixing chamber (5) for each of the admixing components to be mixed together in a main chamber (4), the admixing chamber being inserted in a mount (7) of main chamber (4) formed by a vessel neck. A partition of the admixing chamber (5) is essentially constructed as a closure ...

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A discharge apparatus (1) has for the discharge actuating device (5) a self-engaging catch system (29) against further actuation at the end of each actuating cycle. For unlocking purposes an actuator (11, 23) must be manually rotated and simultaneously adjusting cams (33) of a discharge counter (20) ...

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A discharge apparatus (1) having a storing and indicating device (20), which is operated by the discharge actuating means (5) and is also adjustable in a single direction by direct manual actuation of a further actuator (23). Thus, indicating symbols of different scales (40) can be rendered visible ...


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A pump (2) is secured to a reservoir vessel (3) with a seal interposed. The seal contains a filter unit (20) to enable filtered outside air to be replenished in the reservoir chamber (35) in the course of it being emptied. As a result of this the air does not need to flow through the interior of the ...

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The problem of the invention is to so develop known dispensers, that it is possible to very precisely determine the actual discharged medium volume. A dispenser according to the invention has a media path, which leads from a medium storage container to a discharge opening. A delivery device for deli ...

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A dispenser for dispensing a single dose of a powder medium is incorporated in an essentially hermetically sealed medium chamber with an essentially hermetically sealed compressed air pump. The pump chamber can be opened to the medium chamber through an inlet valve only after a first partial section ...

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The invention relates to a dispenser for dischargeable media, preferably containing at least one active pharmaceutical substance and packed in portioned manner in storage chambers of a storage means, as well as a conveying device for the supply of the storage means.

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A dispenser (1) includes in a casing (2) with a volume-variable storage chamber (11) for the medium, a discharge closure (10), whose closure member (50) is located directly adjacent to the discharge nozzle (8) and whose pressure dependently operating control device (18) is arranged completely within ...

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In a device (1) suitable for discharging media or the like at least one springly deformable component (5, 6, 11, 40) consists of a copolymer produced with a co-catalyst such as titanocen, more particularly an ethylene .alpha.-olefine copolymer which may also be improved as regards its resiliency by ...