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A rack structure for an automatic dishwasher. The rack structure comprises a plurality of wire members welded together to form a rectangular, openwork rack having a bottom, upstanding front and rear walls and upwardly and outwardly sloping side walls. At least one pair of removable fences is provide ...

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A rack in a household dishwasher has a folding fence movable between a folded position adjacent the bottom of the rack and an erect or operating position. The fence has a base wire extending along the bottom of the rack and a plurality of projecting wires or pins extending upwardly therefrom. The fe ...

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A dishwasher rack assembly includes a first elongated rod extending across the rack bottom in one direction and a second elongated rod extending across the rack bottom and crossing the first rod at an angle. A comb includes a base rod overlying the first elongated rod and a finger projecting outward ...

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An open dishrack for a dishwasher has opposite sides formed of spaced apart elongated coated wires. A vertically adjustable shelf extends between the opposite sides. A pair of support plates include snap fittings which engage the wires to mount the plates on the sides in a facing relationship. Each ...

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An adjustable position mechanism is provided for selectively varying the position of a first member relative to a second member. This adjustable position mechanism includes a support, and an elongated arm projecting from the support and having a plurality of locking elements in a linearly spaced arr ...

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A pair of support assemblies for an upper rack of a washer. Each of the support assemblies includes an arm, a bracket, a carriage, and a lever. The arms each have a plurality of vertical teeth. The carriages are movably disposed within the tracks. The carriages are respectively joined to the arms an ...

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A dishwasher rack having substantially upstanding front, rear and side walls and a generally horizontally disposed bottom wall formed from a plurality of longitudinal and lateral wire members includes at least one pivoted divider. The pivoted dividers are each located between a pair of pivot support ...

Alan B Cassalia: Easy load extendable/retractable bottom dishwasher rack. October 26, 1999: US05971513 (28 worldwide citation)

A new easy load extendable/retractable bottom dishwasher rack for raising to a height equal to that of a top rack. The inventive device includes a rack dimensioned for being received within a dishwasher. The rack is adapted for holding dishes and flatwares therein. The rack has a pair of upper track ...

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An improved dishwasher rack in which a small items secondary rack is pivotally connected to a base rack and movable between a vertical storage position substantially perpendicular to the base rack and a horizontal position overlaying the first rack, thus providing an extra rack for drying of small i ...

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A resilient retaining device includes a base member which is adapted to engage and removably attach itself to a dishwasher rack prong and has extending from it a shaft and hook portion. The hook portion releasably engages and retains a cup or article with slight pressure.