William B Boyle, Alan P Rice: Digital video recorder employing a file system encrypted using a pseudo-random sequence generated from a unique ID. Keen Personal Technologies, Keen Personal Media, Milad G Shara Esq, Howard H Sheerin Esq, February 1, 2005: US06851063 (127 worldwide citation)

A digital video recorder (DVR) is disclosed comprising a unique ID, a hard disk drive (HDD) for storing a plurality of encrypted video programs and an encrypted file system, the encrypted file system comprising a plurality of encrypted file system entries for decrypting the plurality of video progra ...

Patrick Ladd, George W Sarosi: Method and apparatus for network association of content. Time Warner Cable Enterprises, Gazdzinski & Associates PC, April 17, 2018: US09948985

Methods and apparatus for perform association of stored content downloaded over a network with a unique identification. In one embodiment, the content is stored locally, and the association is performed in a secure manner using network or source-specific information (e.g., the organization identific ...

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