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Digital image processing apparatus for interpolating a digital input image into an interpolated output image, in one embodiment of the invention, comprises an input buffer (12) for accommodating pixel data of the input image and a coefficient buffer (14) for storing precalculated interpolation weigh ...

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A method of processing a digital image using face detection within the image achieves one or more desired image processing parameters. A group of pixels is identified that correspond to an image of a face within the digital image. Default values are determined of one or more parameters of at least s ...

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A method and apparatus are provided for selecting and analyzing a subpopulation of cells or cell objects for a certain parameter such as DNA, estrogen, and then measuring the selected cells. The observer in real time views a field of cells and then gates for selection based on the morphological crit ...

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Disclosed methods and systems perform electronic registration of digitally captured images in real-time and performs accurate and robust digital image processing by analyzing the entire digitally captured image.

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Each line in a frame of video data is organized into continuous runs of white pixels, and those runs having lengths below a given threshold are transformed to black pixels. The data is then organized into runs of black pixels, and the start position of the longest black pixel run is noted for each h ...