Sherman H Tsao: Digital image processing algorithm for output devices with discrete halftone gray scale capability. Hubbard Thurman Turner & Tucker, March 17, 1987: US04651287 (60 worldwide citation)

A method and apparatus relating to image reproduction by displays and printers capable of different dot size or different spot intensity generations. The reproduction is based upon scanned image data including gray scale values individually representing the image intensity at each picture element lo ...

Tetsuo Fujisawa: Digital image processing apparatus. Ricoh Company, Mason Fenwick & Lawrence, May 7, 1991: US05014124 (59 worldwide citation)

A digital image processing apparatus includes first through sixth circuits. The first circuit divides digital input image data into a plurality of blocks, each block defining an area of a predetermined size. The second circuit detects a plurality of features of the divided digital image data for eve ...

Gina N LaRossa, Hsien Che Lee: Digital image processing method for edge shaping. Eastman Kodak Company, David M Woods, August 26, 2003: US06611627 (58 worldwide citation)

A digital image processing method, includes the steps of: transforming the digital image using an edge sensitive wavelet transform to produce a plurality of wavelet coefficients at various resolutions and a residual image; modifying the wavelet coefficients as a function of the image gradient and it ...

Eric C Anderson, Gary Chin: Modular digital image processing via an image processing chain with modifiable parameter controls. Apple Computer, Sawyer & Associates, November 23, 1999: US05991465 (57 worldwide citation)

Aspects for allowing variably controlled alteration of image processing of digital image data in a digital image capture device include forming an image processing chain with two or more image processors to process digital image data, and providing one or more parametric controls within each of the ...

Ann L McCarthy, Kevin E Spaulding, Edward J Giorgianni: System using one or more residual image(s) to represent an extended color gamut digital image. Eastman Kodak Company, Raymond L Owens, August 28, 2001: US06282312 (55 worldwide citation)

A digital image processing system includes one or more opto-electronic image digitization device(s) which digitize still photographic images and produce an extended color gamut digital image corresponding to each still photographic image, and an image processing unit, coupled with said image digitiz ...

Arthur T Wolstenholme, Robert F Burton, Ignazio Barraco, Eddie Kin Kwok Chu: Digital image processing system and method. Crosfield Electronics, Sughrue Mion Zinn Macpeak & Seas, March 22, 1994: US05297256 (55 worldwide citation)

A digital image processing system comprises a processor at a central, first site; and digital image processing equipment such as an analyze scanner and an expose scanner at a second site remote from the first site. The processor and the digital image processing equipment are connectable and are adap ...

Yoshio Yui: Digital image processing by hardware using cubic convolution interpolation. NEC Corporation, Ostrolenk Faber Gerb & Soffen, March 25, 1986: US04578812 (55 worldwide citation)

Disclosed is hardware for providing pixel data by interpolation. In the hardware previously memorized weight factors corresponding to the particular site are retrieved under the influence of the outputs of addressing circuits, multiplied with the original pixel data corresponding to the site prior t ...

Takao Toi: Image processing system. NEC Corporation, Sughrue Mion PLLC, November 28, 2006: US07142731 (55 worldwide citation)

An image processing system whose circuit size is small, and whose dissipation power is small is provided. The image processing system executes digital image processing of an interval of active pixel in the condition that a first internal logic description is written in a field programmable gate arra ...

Jeffrey Weisman, Stanley Zietz: Echocardiography workstation. Echovision, Woodcock Washburn, January 6, 2004: US06674879 (55 worldwide citation)

A digital image processing system for enhancing the image quality and diagnostic capabilities of conventional medical diagnostic ultrasound imaging systems and, more particularly, to an echocardiography workstation (

William K Pratt, Jean Francois Abramatic, Olivier Faugeras: Method and apparatus for improved digital image processing. Vicom Systems, Lyon & Lyon, May 18, 1982: US04330833 (54 worldwide citation)

An improved method and apparatus for digital image processing is disclosed which permits greater efficiency in implementation of digital filtering techniques. In one implementation specially selected small generating kernels, or masks, are sequentially convolved with a data array of pixels represent ...

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