John Schwaller: Adaptive distribution system for transmitting wideband video data over narrowband multichannel wireless communication system. December 17, 1996: US05585850 (152 worldwide citation)

A technique for transmitting wideband signals such as video signals over a communication system such as a cellular or Personal Communication System (PCS) which only has narrowband channels. The video signal is first digitized and compressed, and then forwarded to a commutating switch, together with ...

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A digital data transmitter is described, whose line carrier frequency need not be an integral multiple of one half the clock frequency of the digital input signal. Use is made of a digital filter for increasing the sampling frequency to a value which is twice the modulator carrier wave frequency.

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The plural-phase clocking signal used in a subsampling time-domain digital filter is partially blanked to generate a sparse clocking signal for a clocked data latch that decimates the output signal from the digital filter, to supply it at a subsampling rate as compared to the sampling rate of input ...

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A digital signal processing (DSP) radio receiver employs a conventional analog RF tuner to produce an analog intermediate frequency. The receiver performs DSP functions of digitally sampling the analog intermediate frequency at a sampling rate f.sub.s, concurrently mixing, filtering, and sample-rate ...

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A sampling frequency converter for converting a first signal sampled at a first sampling frequency f1 into a second signal sampled at a second sampling frequency f2 comprising an interpolation device supplied with the first signal, for inserting L-1 zeros (L is an integer) for every sampling time, a ...

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A second order digital filter utilizing six processor operations, two add instructions, two shift instructions and two store instructions. No multipliers are required. The filter is used as a digital filter in a servo loop having a Z transform of, G(Z)=4 (1-Z.sup.-1)+Z.sup.-2.

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A digital filter system in which the frequency spectrum of an input signal is divided into M consecutive subbands. Each subband is generated by multiplying the impulse reponse of a low pass filter by a sinusoid (sine or cosine) whose frequency is equal to the center frequency of its respective subba ...

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A method and apparatus for calibration of errors in the analog reference voltage input of an analog-to-digital converter. A monolithic reference voltage generator is provided to generate the analog reference which includes a bandgap voltage reference (50) that outputs an untrimmed voltage and a temp ...

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An ultrasonic diagnostic imaging system and methods are described which produces ultrasonic images from harmonic echo components of a transmitted fundamental frequency. Preferably, a programmable digital filter is used to pass harmonic echo components for image processing to the exclusion of fundame ...

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An adaptive digital filter uses a weight adjustment unit for adjusting the weights of an adaptive digital filter according to one or more input signals to the digital filter and according to an error signal indicative of the difference between the actual and desired outputs of the digital filter. Th ...