Elias Nemer
Elias J Nemer, Vladimir Kravtsov: Digitally pre-equalizing signals. Intel Corporation, Trop Pruner & Hu P C, February 19, 2008: US07333558

In one embodiment, the present invention includes an transmitter apparatus having a digital filter to compensate in a baseband frequency for magnitude and delay slopes occurring in the transmitter's analog path.

George Rosar: Receiver employing digital filtering for use with an implantable medical device. Medtronic, Thomas F Woods, Harold R Patton, Girma Wolde Michael, April 24, 2001: US06223083 (325 worldwide citation)

A receiving and filtering circuit includes an antenna, a demodulator circuit coupled to the antenna, and a digital median filter that removes high frequency content of a demodulated digital information signal to produce a filtered digital information signal corresponding to an analog data signal tra ...

Steven A Gabriel, Kent E Griffin: Method and system for texture mapping images with anisotropic filtering. Microsoft Corporation, Klarquist Sparkman Campbell Leigh & Whinston, December 21, 1999: US06005582 (224 worldwide citation)

A method for texture mapping an image includes passing an interpolating filter along a line of anisotropy in a texture map and computing a weighted sum of the outputs of the interpolating filter to compute pixel intensity values. The weighting of these output values can be computed using a one dimen ...

John A Hauck, Arthur L Olive: Rate adaptive cardiac rhythm management device control algorithm using trans-thoracic ventilation. Cardiac Pacemakers, Haugen and Nikolai, June 7, 1994: US05318597 (218 worldwide citation)

A rate adaptive cardiac rhythm management device in which the pacing rate is adjusted in accordance with changes in the patient's minute ventilation. An adaptive four-pole elliptic digital filter, preferably implemented in software, functions to attenuate any signal components due to cardiac activit ...

Gary N Mills, Habib Homayoun: High functional density cardiac monitoring system for captured windowed ECG data. Instromedix, Kolisch Hartwell Dickinson McCormack & Heuser, March 25, 1997: US05613495 (196 worldwide citation)

A compact, lightweight wrist-worn cardiac data and event monitor having dry skin electrodes integral with the monitor's housing. Preferably, the skin electrodes are made of titanium nitride-plated stainless steel and form inner, wrist-contacting, and outer, other hand's palm-contactable regions of t ...

Armando Cova: Predistortion in a linear transmitter using orthogonal kernels. Glenayre Electronics, Christensen O Connor Johnson Kindness PLLC, October 31, 2000: US06141390 (176 worldwide citation)

A system for linearly transmitting an amplified output signal using predistortion is disclosed. The system uses a straight inverse modeling scheme with orthogonal predictor variables to more easily and accurately determine the inverse of the distortion caused by a power amplifier of a RF transmitter ...

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A preferred oximeter detects the transillumination by red and infrared light of a portion of an in vivo subject and produces analog signals representative thereof on two channels. Sigma-delta modulators sample the analog signals on each channel. A digital filter processor digitally filters the sampl ...

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A wrist worn heart rate monitor (100) senses a noisy biosignal with one sensor (104A) in contact with the user's finger and another sensor (104B) in contact with the user's wrist. The sensed signal is modified by a filter (112), analog to digital converter (116) and digital filter (264). A correlato ...

Lauren S Pflugrath, Jacques Souquet: Hand held ultrasonic diagnostic instrument. Advanced Technology Laboratories, W Brinton Yorks Jr, March 3, 1998: US05722412 (166 worldwide citation)

A hand held ultrasonic instrument is provided in a portable unit which performs both B mode and Doppler imaging. In a preferred embodiment an array transducer, digital beamformer, digital filter, and image processor are packaged in one or more enclosures weighing ten pounds (4.5 kilograms) or less.

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A workstation manages and controls a plurality of communication networks using different protocols coupled to a common bus. A programmable digital filter connected between the workstation and the networks examines frame information using real time calculation for identifying protocols in the frames. ...