Brent E Modzelewski, Steven B Gilmour, G Thomas Roth, Douglas E Bell: Method for determining concentration of an analyte in a test strip. Home Diagnostics, Finnegan Henderson Farabow Garrett & Dunner, April 1, 2003: US06541266 (266 worldwide citation)

The present invention provides a method of measuring an analyte, such as glucose in a fluid sample, such as whole blood, by a reflectance reading device. The method includes making periodic intermediate calculations of analyte level and dynamically ascertaining when an analytical reaction has reache ...

Kurt R Linberg, Randy L Merry, Chester G Nelson, William J Plombon: Virtual remote monitor, alert, diagnostics and programming for implantable medical device systems. Medtronic, Girma Wolde Michael, December 24, 2002: US06497655 (266 worldwide citation)

A plurality of co-operative and complementary software programs are implemented in a web-enabled high speed computer system to remotely monitor, manage and modify the operational and functional parameters of a plurality of implanted medical devices (IMDs). The system utilizes virtual electrophysiolo ...

Carter Kittrell, Robert M Cothren Jr, Michael S Feld: Spectral diagonostic and treatment system. Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Hamilton Brook Smith & Reynolds, April 19, 1994: US05304173 (265 worldwide citation)

A laser catheter is disclosed wherein optical fibers carrying laser light are mounted in a catheter for insertion into an artery to provide controlled delivery of a laser beam for percutaneous intravascular laser treatment of atherosclerotic disease. A transparent protective shield is provided at th ...

Terry Allen Beaty, Lance Scott Kuhn, Vladimir Svetnik, David W Burke: Meter and method of using the meter for determining the concentration of a component of a fluid. Roche Diagnostics Corporation, Barnes & Thornburg, November 11, 2003: US06645368 (262 worldwide citation)

An apparatus and method for determining the concentration of a medically significant component of a biological fluid comprise providing a cell supporting a chemistry which reacts with the medically significant component. Placement of first and second terminals of the cell in contact with first and s ...

James E Flaherty, Robert B Green, Steven C Lepke, Richard W Mason: Sensor package. Ciba Corning Diagnostics, Judith A Roesler, Arthur S Morgenstern, December 10, 1996: US05582698 (259 worldwide citation)

A solid state, multi-use electrochemical sensor having an electrically nonconductive substrate, a working electrode, and a semi-permeable membrane covering the working electrode. The working electrode includes an electrically conductive material adhered to a portion of the substrate. A first portion ...

Juergen Hilmann, Rolf Ruediger Hoffmann, Wolfgang Muetzel, Ingfried Zimmermann: Carrier liquid solutions for the production of gas microbubbles, preparation thereof, and use thereof as contrast medium for ultrasonic diagnostics. Schering Aktiengesellschaft, Millen & White, August 21, 1984: US04466442 (256 worldwide citation)

The useful lifetime and the amount of microbubbles of a size less than 50 .mu.m produced by mechanical agitation of an aqueous liquid employed as an ultrasonic contrast medium are increased by employing a liquid containing dissolved therein a tenside which reduces the surface tension of the liquid a ...

Joseph S Foos, Peter G Edelman, James E Flaherty, Joseph Berger: Extended use planar sensors. Ciba Corning Diagnostics, May 21, 1996: US05518601 (255 worldwide citation)

A planar, solid-state electrochemical oxygen sensor having a substrate, conductive strips deposited on the substrate, and a dielectric layer insulating portions of the conductive strips except those portions which define a working electrode and at least one second electrode. The working electrode ma ...

Ronald G Sosnowski, William F Butler, Eugene Tu, Michael I Nerenberg, Michael J Heller, Carl F Edman: Methods and procedures for molecular biological analysis and diagnostics. Nanogen, Lyon & Lyon, April 18, 2000: US06051380 (252 worldwide citation)

A self-addressable, self-assembling microelectronic device is designed and fabricated to actively carry out and control multi-step and multiplex molecular biological reactions in microscopic formats. These reactions include nucleic acid hybridizations, antibody/antigen reactions, diagnostics, and bi ...

Robert J Nelson, Herbert H Hooper, Alan K Hauser, Sharat Singh, Stephen J Williams, Alexander P Sassi: Microfluidic method for nucleic acid purification and processing. ACLARA Biosciences, Bertram I Rae Venter Law Group P C Rowland, June 13, 2000: US06074827 (248 worldwide citation)

Integrated microfluidic devices comprising at least an enrichment channel and a main electrophoretic flowpath are provided. In the subject integrated devices, the enrichment channel and the main electrophoretic flowpath are positioned so that waste fluid flows away from said main electrophoretic flo ...

Hans Peter Haar, Gerhard Werner, Dirk Boecker, Armin Lambrecht, Joachim Kastner: Analytical device for in vivo analysis in the body of a patient. Roche Diagnostics, Jill L Woodburn, June 24, 2003: US06584335 (247 worldwide citation)

Analysis device for determining an analyte in vivo in the body of a patient, having a measuring probe with a hollow needle (

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