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This invention features methods and apparatus for performing nucleic acid hybridization and amplification processes on a support. Such methods and apparatus are useful for synthesizing nucleic acid and detecting target nucleic acid for diagnostics and therapeutics.

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A multi-layer device for modulating and reflecting light. The device is formed of an electro-optic layer with a variable index of refraction sandwiched between two other layers having a pre-determined index of refraction. An electric field applied across the electro-optic layer controls the index of ...

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A relatively painless method of safely collecting and testing blood comprises piercing a patient's skin, bathing the pierced area with a vehicle liquid and collecting a sample of the vehicle liquid and any blood on a test disk in the apparatus. A novel disposable apparatus for practicing the method ...

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The present invention is directed to asynchronous scanning devices and methods of using asynchronous scanning to acquire fluorescence data from a sample, such as biological tissue, to facilitate diagnosis of the presence or absence of disease or other abnormality in the sample. The present invention ...

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A sample of a body fluid such as blood or interstitial fluid is obtained from a body by lancing a portion of a user's skin, preferably in an area other than a finger tip, to form an incision. After the needle has been removed from the incision, a force is applied to depress the skin in a manner form ...

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Oligomeric compounds including oligoribonucleotides and oligoribonucleosides are provided that have subsequences of 2'-pentoribofuranosyl nucleosides that activate dsRNase. The oligoribonucleotides and oligoribonucleosides can include substituent groups for increasing binding affinity to complementa ...

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An apparatus for detection and quantitation of an electrochemically-detectable analyte, such as glucose, in blood or interstitial fluid includes a meter unit, a lancet and an electrochemical sensor. Of these components, the meter is preferably reusable, while the lancet and the electrochemical senso ...

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The present invention relates to polymer-based micro-electro-mechanical system (MEMS) technology suitable for the fabrication of integrated microfluidic systems, particularly medical and chemical diagnostics system, ink-jet printer head, as well as any devices that requires liquid- or gas-filled cav ...

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According to the present invention there are provided spectral imaging methods for biological research, medical diagnostics and therapy comprising the steps of (a) preparing a sample to be spectrally imaged; (b) viewing the sample through an optical device, the optical device being optically connect ...

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A laser catheter is disclosed wherein optical fibers carrying laser light are mounted in a catheter for insertion into an artery to provide controlled delivery of a laser beam for percutaneous intravascular laser treatment of atherosclerotic disease. A transparent protective shield is provided at th ...