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A device for sampling body fluid includes a housing having a sleeve at a forward end thereof which is displaceable in response to being pressed against a user's skin to trigger the firing of a lancer. After the lancet is removed from the incision, the sleeve is repeatedly pressed against the skin to ...

Joel S Douglas, Jeffrey N Roe, Ryszard Radwanski, Brent G Duchon: Methods and apparatus for sampling body fluid. Mercury Diagnostics, Burns Doane Swecker & Mathis, January 12, 1999: US05857983 (433 worldwide citation)

Body fluid is sampled by causing a syringe mounted in a housing to be displaced toward a skin surface. The syringe remains in the resulting incision while the surrounding body tissue is stimulated by a stimulator ring to urge body fluid toward the incision. Simultaneously, the syringe is moved relat ...

Gordon C Forrest, Simon J Rattle, Grenville A Robinson, Hugh A O Hill: Electrochemical methods of assay. Serono Diagnostics, Ostrolenk Faber Gerb & Soffen, July 31, 1990: US04945045 (393 worldwide citation)

A ligand in a sample can be assayed using electrochemical apparatus containing a working electrode and components comprising:

Peter M Meserol, Thomas Palmieri: Optical analyzer. Personal Diagnostics, R Gale Rhodes Jr, July 9, 1991: US05029583 (382 worldwide citation)

An optical analyzer for determining an analyte in a fluid of interest such as a body fluid of interest satisfying the foregoing need and embodying the present invention may include a housing; combination optically transparent cuvette and lancet mounted removably in the housing, the cuvette may recei ...

Robert McCaffrey, Katarina Tkacik, Brian Holman, James Flaherty, Josef Brown, Peter Edelman: Sensors for measuring analyte concentrations and methods of making same. Chiron Diagnostics Corporation, Arthur S Morgenstern, Stanley Sacks, Robert P Blackburn, January 13, 1998: US05707502 (377 worldwide citation)

A sensor for measuring a concentration of an analyte in a solution. The sensor comprises a substrate layer, an electrode layer and an immobilized enzyme layer. The sensor further includes an enzyme/polymer layer and/or a hydrophobic layer. The enzyme/polymer layer includes an enzyme disposed within ...

Michael A Wood, Pascal Roncalez, Lauren S Pflugrath, Jacques Souquet: Ultrasonic diagnostic imaging system with universal access to diagnostic information and images. Atlantis Diagnostics International L L C, Advanced Technology Laboratories, W Brinton Yorks Jr, February 10, 1998: US05715823 (371 worldwide citation)

A medical ultrasonic diagnostic imaging system is provided which is capable of being accessed over data communication networks such as the Internet, making the ultrasonic images, diagnostic reports, and ultrasound system diagnostics information and operation accessible to a conventional personal com ...

David S Breed: Telematics system for vehicle diagnostics. Automotive Technologies International, Brian Roffe, May 18, 2004: US06738697 (361 worldwide citation)

Vehicle diagnostic system which diagnoses the state of the vehicle or the state of a component of the vehicle and generates an output indicative or representative thereof. A communications device transmits the output of the diagnostic system to a remote location, possibly via a satellite or the Inte ...

Richard D Beckert, Mark M Moeller, William Wong: Vehicle computer system. Microsoft Corporation, Lee & Hayes PLLC, August 11, 1998: US05794164 (344 worldwide citation)

A vehicle computer system has a housing sized to be mounted in a vehicle dashboard or other appropriate location, a computer mounted within the housing, and an open platform operating system which executes on an open hardware architecture computer. The open platform operating system supports multipl ...

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An implantable analyte sensor includes a substrate, electrodes on the substrate, and a membrane on the electrodes. The membrane can comprise elemental silicon and has a glucose diffusion test result of at least 1 mg/dl in 330 min., and an albumin diffusion test result of at most 0.1 g/dl in 420 min.

Joel S Douglas, Karen R Drexler, Jeffrey N Roe: Synchronized analyte testing system. Mercury Diagnostics, Burns Doane Swecker & Mathis, February 16, 1999: US05872713 (338 worldwide citation)

An analyte detection system is provided with calibration information uniquely specific to the set of test strips to which the sample is to be applied. The calibration information may be stored in permanent memory of the testing device, such that the device is discarded after use of all the test stri ...

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