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A method of self treating a disease, such as diabetes, includes collecting in one or more databases data representing values of parameters that related to the self treatment. The data is processed to provide a plurality of alternate choices between two or more actions that may be taken and a corresp ...

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Method and apparatus for providing EMC Class-B compliant RF transmission for a data monitoring and detection system having a sensor for detecting one or more glucose levels, a transmitter configured to transmit a respective signal corresponding to each of the detected glucose levels using a data tra ...

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A pen-shaped holder 1 is used to mount detachable strip, or needle, electrode carriers, its shape and nature permitting delicate manipulation to attach and detach the small carriers from an electrical socket 3 at one end. On these strips or needles are small electrodes sensitive, e.g. to blood gluco ...

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A method for treating a patient suffering from diabetes mellitus and a programmed, portable, hand-held device and formulations used in such treatment methodology is disclosed. The programmed device is loaded with a container which includes a formulation comprised of insulin dispersed in a suitable p ...

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A method and system for examining biological materials using low-power cw excitation Raman spectroscopy. In accordance with the teachings of the invention, a low-power continuous wave (cw) pump laser beam and a low-power cw Stokes (or anti-Stokes) probe laser beam simultaneously illuminate a biologi ...

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Particularly for diabetes therapy, it is desirable to continuously infuse insulin in different rates into the body of the patient, because the insulin requirements of the diabetic are subject to great fluctuations. Therefore, a control device serves as the program transmitter for a microdosing unit. ...


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