Reid M Rubsamen: Method of administration of insulin. Miris Medical Corporation, Fish & Richardson, November 15, 1994: US05364838 (190 worldwide citation)

A method for treating a patient suffering from diabetes mellitus and a programmed, portable, hand-held device and formulations used in such treatment methodology is disclosed. The programmed device is loaded with a container which includes a formulation comprised of insulin dispersed in a suitable p ...

Fennell Martin J: Method and apparatus for providing leak detection in data monitoring and management systems. Abbott Diabetes Care, OH Kuni, November 9, 2006: WO/2006/118947 (189 worldwide citation)

Method and apparatus for providing a leak detection circuit for data monitoring and management system using the guard trace of a glucose sensor by applying a leak detection test signal to determine whether a leakage current is present is provided. The leak detection circuit may includes an interface ...

Kirk Ramey: Drive system for an infusion pump. Nipro Diabetes Systems, Christopher & Weisberg P A, February 15, 2005: US06854620 (188 worldwide citation)

A pump system for an infusion system includes a linear drive (36, 36′) which minimizes the space occupied by the pump components in a portable housing (10, 10′). A motor (34) and a motor drive shaft (42) are arranged in parallel with, and adjacent to a syringe (14, 14′) and lead screw (94, 94′). A g ...

Robert S Galen, John F Burd, Talei Hoblitzell, Gebhard Neyer: Apparatus for combined assay for current glucose level and intermediate or long-term glycemic control. LXN Corporation, Campbell & Flores, February 22, 2000: US06027692 (185 worldwide citation)

The present invention is directed to a single test system and method for determining the integrated glycemic condition of a subject by measuring the concentration of glucose and the level of protein-bound glucose in a subject's body fluid, such as whole blood. The glucose concentration is indicative ...

Reggiardo Christopher V: Method and apparatus for providing emc class-b compliant rf transmitter for data monitoring and detection systems. Abbott Diabetes Care, OH Kuni, July 27, 2006: WO/2006/079114 (183 worldwide citation)

Method and apparatus for providing EMC Class-B compliant RF transmission for a data monitoring and detection system having a sensor for detecting one or more glucose levels, a transmitter configured to transmit a respective signal corresponding to each of the detected glucose levels using a data tra ...

Jens Ulrik Poulsen, Lars Hofmann Christensen, Søren Aasmul: Method and a system for assisting a user in a medical self treatment, said self treatment comprising a plurality of actions. Novo Noadisk, Reza Green Esq, Richard W Bosk Esq, Marc A Began Esq, December 2, 2003: US06656114 (179 worldwide citation)

A method of self treating a disease, such as diabetes, includes collecting in one or more databases data representing values of parameters that related to the self treatment. The data is processed to provide a plurality of alternate choices between two or more actions that may be taken and a corresp ...

Robert R Alfano, Wubao Wang: Method and system for examining biological materials using low power CW excitation raman spectroscopy. The Research Foundation of CUNY, Kriegsman & Kriegsman, November 21, 2000: US06151522 (171 worldwide citation)

A method and system for examining biological materials using low-power cw excitation Raman spectroscopy. In accordance with the teachings of the invention, a low-power continuous wave (cw) pump laser beam and a low-power cw Stokes (or anti-Stokes) probe laser beam simultaneously illuminate a biologi ...


Kanji Meguro, Takeshi Fujita: Thiazolidinedione derivatives, useful as antidiabetic agents. Takeda Chemical, Wenderoth Lind & Ponack, August 18, 1987: US04687777 (166 worldwide citation)

Thiazolidinedione derivatives of the formula: ##STR1## and pharmacologically acceptable salts thereof are novel compounds, which exhibit in mammals blood sugar- and lipid-lowering activity, and are of value as a therapeutic agent for treatment of diabetes and hyperlipemia.

Stafford Gary Ashley: Integrated introducer and transmitter assembly and methods of use. Abbott Diabetes Care, OH Kuni, April 12, 2007: WO/2007/041070 (159 worldwide citation)

Method and apparatus for inserting at least a portion of a sensor into a patient is provided.

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