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The invention is directed to conductive polymer compositions, catalytic ink compositions (e.g., for use in screen-printing), electrodes produced by deposition of an ink composition, methods of making, and methods of using thereof. An exemplary ink material comprises platinum black and/or platinum-on ...

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This invention encompasses pharmaceutical compositions containing exendin-3 or exendin-4, fragments thereof, or any combination thereof, and methods for the treatment of diabetes mellitus and the prevention of hyperglycemia.

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A device for monitoring a delivery system comprising a volumetric micropump, a measuring element or sensor located in the infusion line, a matching system and an analyzing system. The devices are preferably for use in insulin administration when treating type-I diabetes and in analytical laboratorie ...

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A novel hand held individually customized interactive integrated circuit device for nutrition and exercise management. Featuring built in Random Access Memory (RAM) Storage of extensive food lists with associated caloric and fat contents. The device also incorporates RAM storage of exercises with as ...

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This invention relates to a method of diagnosing or treating a biological subject, such as a person or animal, comprising the steps of subjecting at least a microsample of the subject's tissue to a physiological perturbation and measuring the response of the microsample to the perturbation using opt ...

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The present invention is directed to a single test system and method for determining the integrated glycemic condition of a subject by measuring the concentration of glucose and the level of protein-bound glucose in a subject's body fluid, such as whole blood. The glucose concentration is indicative ...

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The invention provides effective analogs of the active GLP-1 peptides, 7-34, 7-35, 7-36, and 7-37, which have improved characteristics for treatment of diabetes Type II. These analogs have amino acid substitutions at positions 7-10 and/or are truncated at the C-terminus and/or contain various other ...

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The present invention is a testing device for testing analyte levels in bodily fluids. The testing device comprises memory (202) for storing data, said data being analyte data related to analyte measurements carried out by the meter and lifestyle data; initiation means (102) for initiating immediate ...

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Devices and methods for inserting at least a portion of a medical device in a patient are provided. Embodiments include medical device insertions that employ a plurality of insertion stages. Also provided are systems and kits for use in analyte monitoring.

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Method and apparatus for providing a housing integrated with a sensor introducer and a sensor in analyte monitoring system to deploy the sensor and retain the introducer within the housing upon sensor deployment, and mounting a transmitter to the housing to receive the sensor data is described. The ...