Dana J Finley, Jeffrey D Wilder: Plug seal discharge system for distillation apparatus. Tire Recycling Technologies Corporation, John R Lansdowne, February 16, 1999: US05871619 (8 worldwide citation)

A discharge system for a destructive distillation apparatus wherein the discharge solids act as plug to avoid the unwanted flow of product gas or ambient air therethrough while effectively discharging finely divided, disperse solids material from a continuously operating distillation apparatus. The ...

Lore Raymond J, Draudt Jr Carl W: Destructive distillation of domestic sewage. March 20, 1973: US3721346 (8 worldwide citation)

Disclosed is a system and method for the destructive distillation of domestic wastes by the flash evaporation of a liquid resulting from domestic waste materials from which sediment has been removed and biological reduction and liquefaction effected through a plurality of stages incorporated in a se ...

Richard D Kuerston: Retorting process using an anti-bridging mechanical agitator. Phillips Petroleum Company, French and Doescher, March 24, 1987: US04652342 (7 worldwide citation)

A process for the destructive distillation of hydrocarbonaceous solids in a retort, wherein a viscous bridging zone comprising viscous liquids in intimate contact with solids, which tends to impede the flow of vaporized hydrocarbons and the flow of solid particles, is agitated by reciprocating mecha ...

Perry John E: Scrap recovery apparatus. Horizons Research Incorporated, July 10, 1973: US3744779 (7 worldwide citation)

The recovery of metal values in scrap materials by destructive distillation removal of organic non-metal materials, at temperatures which leave the metal relatively unaffected.

Heinz Mallek, Dorothee Ermisch, Werner Jablonski: Method of and furnace for burning waste material. Kernforschungsanlage Julich Gesellschaft mit beschrankter Haftung, Becker & Becker, March 25, 1980: US04194455 (7 worldwide citation)

A method of and furnace for burning waste material. The furnace has a cenl chute for receiving the waste material, and a combustion chamber which is arranged below the chute and has a closed bottom. The transition between the central chute and the combustion chamber is designed as a constriction. Th ...

Regi Giroux, Barry Freel, Robert Graham: Natural resin formulations. Ensyn Group, Brinks Hofer Gilson & Lione, December 4, 2001: US06326461 (6 worldwide citation)

This invention is directed to a method of preparing a natural resin by liquefying wood, bark, forest residues, wood industry residues, or other biomass using rapid destructive distillation (fast pyrolysis). Fast pyrolysis produces both vapors and char from biomass, and following removal of the char ...

David A Neal, Patrick L Stone: Method and apparatus for destructive distillation of solid wastes and recovery of distilled products. James E Snead, September 28, 1976: US03983009 (6 worldwide citation)

A process for destructive distillation of solid wastes and an apparatus for achieving the process whereby organic solid waste material which has been shredded, is exposed to a pyrolytic process to remove water and organic materials by a pyrolytic process wherein the off gases, after having been frac ...

Rodgers Elbert A, Huddle Thornton C, Knox Kent B: Method of and apparatus for thermolytic destructive distillation of carbonaceous materials, including the recovery of certain products therefrom. January 12, 1971: US3554143 (6 worldwide citation)

A system for treating carbonaceous material, particularly garbage and refuse by destructive distillation to reduce the material to ash, in an expeditious manner, while recovering usable byproducts therefrom, such as gas, tars, oils, greases, acids, and fly ash, and destructively burning the odorifer ...

Holland Kenneth Michael Ashwoo: Pyrolysis of organic materials. Brc Environmental Services, June 25, 1997: EP0780457-A2 (5 worldwide citation)

A process and apparatus for carrying out the process of destructive distillation of organic material, which comprises: pre-heating said organic material, substantially without pyrolysis of said organic material to elemental carbon, by means of a hot gas stream and/or microwaves; pyrolysing the pre-h ...

Tatsuo Moroe, Akira Komatsu, Kiyosumi Doi, Mitio Moroe: Process for producing hydrocarbons. Takasago Perfumery, Sughrue Rothwell Mion Zinn and Macpeak, July 22, 1980: US04214110 (5 worldwide citation)

A process for producing hydrocarbons having about 10 to 50 carbon atoms with a high yield by subjecting a synthetic polyisoprene rubber to a thermally destructive distillation under a reduced pressure and further a process for producing squalane-like saturated hydrocarbons by catalytically reducing ...

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