Duk K Kim: Wall and desk calendar display device. Birch Stewart Kolasch & Birch, June 23, 1992: US05123191 (17 worldwide citation)

A calendar display device includes a panel, a hanger hole disposed at the top center of the panel, a transparent vinyl cover disposed on the front surface for maintaining a calendar pad, and a transparent vinyl back pocket disposed on the rear surface for inserting a memory enhancing sheet thereinto ...

Lien M C Wu: Desk calendar and clock combination. Morton J Rosenberg, David I Klein, July 16, 1996: US05537369 (15 worldwide citation)

A desk calendar and clock combination, including: a table clock having a coupling groove at front side near the bottom; a supporting plate having a longitudinal series of through holes alinged along one side and two outward coupling flanges symmetrically disposed at two opposite ends for coupling to ...

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A perpetual calendar in the form of a desk calendar or wall supporting calendar including a front panel with a window cutout revealing a laterally movable slide having a projecting tab thereon engageable with notches or seats to properly locate the slide in relation to the window and maintain the sl ...

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A manually adjustable indicating device such as a wall or desk calendar, a price board or the like includes a housing structure having a central flat base plate with overturned side edges defining a storage cavity on each side of the base plate together with support plate means slidable into the hou ...

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A display mount has four panels of lined paperboard with the first panel flexibly hinged to the second panel and the second panel flexibly hinged to the third panel and the third panel hinged to the fourth panel with a ductile hinge material. The first and second panels are substantially the same le ...

Display devices. Keburn Oil Distributors, May 6, 1982: GB2086116-A (9 worldwide citation)

A triangular display device can be erected from a fold-flat structure formed from a sheet of card having a transverse central fold line 1 and a joining structure, for example comprising interengageable flaps 8, 9, at the base of the device. The flaps may have a layer of contact adhesive provided wit ...

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A method of outputting a includes detecting a touch on a shortcut icon of a plurality of shortcut icons displayed on a touch screen, executing an application corresponding to the shortcut icon in response to the touch, detecting an angle between a first housing including a first touch screen and a s ...

Gordon E Nichols: Desk calendar with easel. Winthrop Atkins Co, Robert T Gammons, June 29, 1976: US03966161 (3 worldwide citation)

An easel type display mount having a headboard and for supporting it upright a leg hinged at its upper end to the rear side for movement to an angular rearwardly disposed position and articulated braces and locking pads connected to the leg with portions frictionally engaged within pockets to retain ...

Frank DePaolo Sr: Perma desk calendar. February 4, 1986: US04567680 (3 worldwide citation)

This invention is a perpetual desk calendar, including a base on which to stand, a hollow case on the base, windows on the front of the case for seeing selected indicia printed on movable slides inside the case; the indicia indicating a year number, a month of the year and the date of the month.

Anthony G Rosa: Desk calendar. Kirschstein Kirschstein Ottinger & Frank, January 6, 1976: US03930326 (3 worldwide citation)

A desk calendar which permits the day, date and year to be changed by the simple manipulation of two dials, having, internally, a first and second shaft, each shaft controlling two rotatable drums. Each shaft has disposed thereon a first and second actuating member for operative engagement with a co ...