Richard J Lipinski, Kelvin Y Chang: Process for dissolving and removing scale from aqueous systems. The Mogul Corporation, Pearne Gordon McCoy & Granger, April 3, 1990: US04913823 (34 worldwide citation)

This invention relates to a process of dissolving and removing silicate scale and particularly magnesium silicate scale and sludge from various aqueous systems, particularly boiler water and desalination systems by adding to the water effective amounts of at least one water-soluble phosphinocarboxyl ...

Douglas C Hicks, Charles M Pleass: Wave-powered desalination of seawater. University of Delaware, December 20, 1983: US04421461 (34 worldwide citation)

This invention provides efficient and cost effective water wave-powered piston pumps. Utility of such pumps is demonstrated in the reverse osmosis desalination of seawater.

Bray Donald T: Reverse osmosis system with automatic valve for module operation control. Desalination Systems, Allen Clement H, June 3, 1975: US3887463 (34 worldwide citation)

A reverse osmosis system includes a pressurized purified water storage container and an automatic valve. The valve has a sealing member spanning a first internal cavity and movable responsive to the pressure of purified water in the storage container. A central internal cavity is of effective cross ...

Gerhard Kunz: Process and device for adding ions to liquids, particularly aqueous solutions. Fleit Jacobson Cohn & Price, October 27, 1987: US04702810 (33 worldwide citation)

Process and apparatus adds counterions into the aqueous solution of an electrode chamber of an electrolytic desalination or demineralization unit. In the demineralization unit, oppositely charged ions are electrolytically generated within electrode chambers and defused into the stream of aqueous sol ...

Adam Robbins: Semipermeable membrane cartridge and method of making. Desalination Systems, Fitch Even Tabin & Flannery, April 28, 1992: US05108604 (33 worldwide citation)

Cartridges for use in ultrafiltration or reverse osmosis separation devices are formed by injection molding a generally tubular, smooth, seamless shell about a spirally-wrapped semipermeable membrane assembly. These cartridges can be used within traditional separation devices having pressure vessels ...

Esmond William G: Pleated membrane transfer device. Becton Dickinson and Company, October 3, 1972: US3695445 (33 worldwide citation)

This disclosure relates to an exchange device employed in desalination, ultra filtration, in the transfer of heat, the transfer of gas from the gas phase to the liquid phase, or the transfer of gases from the gas phase to another gas phase or the opposite sides of a permeable or permselective membra ...

Thomas A Davis: Water desalination process and apparatus. The University of South Carolina, Dority & Manning P A, December 2, 2008: US07459088 (32 worldwide citation)

A process and system for purifying water is disclosed. For example, in one embodiment, the process may be used to remove a divalent salt, such as calcium sulfate, from a water source in order to prevent the divalent salt from precipitating during the process. The water source, for instance, may be f ...

John R Kirwan Jr, Donald T Bray: Semipermeable membrane cartridge for use with a pressure container. Desalination Systems, Fitch Even Tabin & Flannery, October 22, 1985: US04548714 (32 worldwide citation)

An improvement in a membrane cartridge for insertion into a pressure-resistant container and having a central passageway holding a permeate collection tube. A cartridge is formed, at least in part, by a spiral winding of a laminate leaf comprising semipermeable membrane sheet material, permeate tran ...

E Allan Blair: Desalination process. Saudi Basic Industries Corporation, Fred A Keire, William J Spatz, October 11, 1994: US05354835 (32 worldwide citation)

Polyurethane polymers useful as hydrogels wherein the polyol is a specific polyol of block copolymers and a method for desalination of water.

Gerard F Tempest Jr: Water purification system having plural pairs of filters and an ozone contact chamber. Tempest Environmental Systems, Olive & Olive P A, April 21, 1998: US05741416 (31 worldwide citation)

The present invention provides a self-contained, self-monitoring water purification system able to be transported to and used in remote areas. The system processes contaminated water through a preliminary filter, an oxidation contact chamber, a secondary filter and a chemical biocidal agent to obtai ...

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