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A controlled bubble of cavitation is formed within the distilland by opposed centrifugal and centripetal forces in the plane of an afferent mesial passage. Thus a distilland surface forms around the axis of rotation, and saturated vapor is continuously stripped from this distilland surface by the wo ...

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Brackish water is desalinated by contacting it with one or more ion exchange resins followed by reverse osmosis. Brine rejected in reverse osmosis treatment can be used to regenerate a used ion exchange resin.

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A composite reverse osmosis membrane has a polyamide type skin layer whose specific surface area ranges from 3 to 1000. The composite reverse osmosis membrane of this invention is superior in the salt rejection property and water permeability. The composite reverse osmosis membrane comprises a negat ...

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A reverse osmosis composite membrane that has a high salt rejection, a high water permeability, and a high fouling tolerance, and permits practical desalination at a relatively low pressure is provided by coating the surface of a reverse osmosis membrane of aromatic polyamide with polyvinyl alcohol ...

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A process and system for purifying water is disclosed. For example, in one embodiment, the process may be used to remove a divalent salt, such as calcium sulfate, from a water source in order to prevent the divalent salt from precipitating during the process. The water source, for instance, may be f ...

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An improved element for the selective permeation separation of components of fluid mixtures comprises (1) thin layers of substantially parallel hollow filaments separated by (2) thin foraminous materials which restrict movement and prevent nesting of the hollow filaments during use of the element, a ...

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Water from a source is fed to a reverse osmosis unit having a membrane which divides the stream into a first permeate product and a first concentrate. The first permeate product is stored in a tank until a selected quantity is collected and then the source is disconnected from the pump which next de ...

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A reverse osmosis system employs a tank for storing permeate under a pressure which is a portion of the pressure of feed water introduced into a pressure resistant container housing a semipermeable membrane cartridge. Control means such as an automatic valve, preferably of the double diaphragm type, ...

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This invention provides efficient and cost effective water wave-powered piston pumps. Utility of such pumps is demonstrated in the reverse osmosis desalination of seawater.

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The salt water distillation system includes a sprinkler to form a mist of salt water over a distillation plate. The distillation plate is heated by applying electrical current to a heating coil. The steam is transferred to a condensation chamber and condensed fresh water is collected. During the des ...