James F Klausner, Renwei Mei: Diffusion driven desalination apparatus and process. University of Florida, Akerman Senterfitt, July 19, 2005: US06919000 (38 worldwide citation)

A diffusion driven desalination apparatus and related method includes structure for receiving a heated water stream and creating at least one region having a thin film of water and structure for forcing a low humidity air stream over the thin film of water, wherein water from the thin film of water ...

McGinnis Philip Roswell, O Brien Gerald Joseph: Permeation separation element. E I du Pont de Nemours and Company, September 12, 1972: US3690465 (38 worldwide citation)

An improved element for the selective permeation separation of components of fluid mixtures comprises (1) thin layers of substantially parallel hollow filaments separated by (2) thin foraminous materials which restrict movement and prevent nesting of the hollow filaments during use of the element, a ...

Joseph Yaeli: Method and apparatus for processing liquid solutions of suspensions particularly useful in the desalination of saline water. Benjamin J Barish, March 24, 1992: US05098575 (36 worldwide citation)

A method and apparatus for reducing the concentration of a first substance in a first liquid by: (a) subjecting the first liquid to natural osmosis, via a first semipermeable body, with respect to an intermediate liquid, which intermediate liquid is a solution or suspension of a second substance in ...

Enis Ben M, Lieberman Paul: Thermal energy storage system using compressed air energy and/or chilled water from desalination processes. Enis Ben M, Lieberman Paul, SHIMAZAKI John J, May 2, 2008: WO/2008/051427 (36 worldwide citation)

The invention relates to a universal system for producing cost effective energy particularly for cooling purposes. In one embodiment, wind turbines are used to generate electricity and compressed air energy, wherein the compressed air energy is used to co-generate electricity and chilled air. The ch ...

Michel S M Lefebvre: Method of performing osmetic distillation. Limitinstant, Hale and Dorr, November 1, 1988: US04781837 (35 worldwide citation)

A hydrophobic semi-permeable membrane process (e.g., using hydrophobic microporous hollow fibers) for the concentration of a dilute solution of low osmotic pressure by osmotic distillation (also known as membrane distillation or membrane evaporation), which is a separation process using as its drivi ...

Richard M Goodman: Process for magnesium scale control using mixtures of polycationic and polyanionic polymers. American Cyanamid Company, William J VAN Loo, August 28, 1979: US04166041 (35 worldwide citation)

Magnesium hydroxide scale formation in evaporative desalination units is inhibited by adding to the saline water being processed a mixture of certain polycationic polymers and polyanionic polymers derived from an ethylenically unsaturated dibasic acid or an ethylenically unsaturated sulfonic acid.

Enis Ben M, Lieberman Paul: An improved method of transporting and storing wind generated energy using a pipeline. Enis Ben M, Lieberman Paul, SHIMAZAKI J John, August 9, 2007: WO/2007/089872 (35 worldwide citation)

Wind turbine based power generation and storage system network and method wherein potential energy is stored as compressed air. A high-pressure pneumatic pipeline system is employed to link remote wind farms. The pipelines are located on the desert floor and adjacent railroad beds. The compressed ai ...

Brent R Constantz, Kasra Farsad, Miguel Fernandez: Desalination methods and systems that include carbonate compound precipitation. Calera Corporation, April 26, 2011: US07931809 (34 worldwide citation)

Desalination methods that include carbonate compound precipitation are provided. In certain embodiments, feed water is subjected to carbonate compound precipitation conditions prior to desalination. In certain embodiments, desalination waste brine is subjected to carbonate compound precipitation con ...

Richard J Lipinski, Kelvin Y Chang: Process for dissolving and removing scale from aqueous systems. The Mogul Corporation, Pearne Gordon McCoy & Granger, April 3, 1990: US04913823 (34 worldwide citation)

This invention relates to a process of dissolving and removing silicate scale and particularly magnesium silicate scale and sludge from various aqueous systems, particularly boiler water and desalination systems by adding to the water effective amounts of at least one water-soluble phosphinocarboxyl ...

Mansour S Bader: Methods to de-sulfate saline streams. September 7, 2010: US07789159 (34 worldwide citation)

Methods are disclosed to de-sulfate saline streams such as seawater, brine from seawater desalination plants, and the like. The disclosed methods can also co-produce de-ionized water and inorganic materials from such de-sulfated saline streams.

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