Joseph E Toomey: Electro-synthesis of alcohols and carboxylic acids from corresponding metal salts. Reilly, Woodard Emhardt Naughton Moriarty & McNett, March 1, 1994: US05290404 (43 worldwide citation)

A preferred electrochemical process for producing an alcohol or carboxylic acid from a corresponding metal salt while also recovering metal cation residues is described. The preferred process does not require a three-compartment desalination cell but rather can be performed in a standard two-compart ...

Mansour S Bader: Methods to de-sulfate saline streams. September 7, 2010: US07789159 (43 worldwide citation)

Methods are disclosed to de-sulfate saline streams such as seawater, brine from seawater desalination plants, and the like. The disclosed methods can also co-produce de-ionized water and inorganic materials from such de-sulfated saline streams.

David H Hopkins: Spiral-wound membrane cartridge. Desalination Systems, Fitch Even Tabin & Flannery, March 6, 1990: US04906372 (43 worldwide citation)

A reverse osmosis or ultrafiltration separation device for treating a liquid feed wherein a separation assembly is wound spirally about a central permeate-carrying tube. The assembly includes an elongated semipermeable membrane envelope which includes an interior permeate passageway and feed-passage ...

Alvin Kobashikawa, Yu Si Fok: Wave energy conversion device for desalination, ETC. Leighton K Chong, April 4, 2006: US07023104 (42 worldwide citation)

An impulse-type “wave motor” employs a seabed-mounted or supported structure mounting a wave energy absorbing panel on a hinged lever arm for reciprocation motion to obtain optimal absorption of wave energy from wave motion in the sea. For deepwater wavelengths of L, the panel is optimally positione ...

Ross M Brown: Combination plumbing fixture for water purification system having waste bypass flow. Desalination Systems Escondido CA, Thomas D Lane, November 16, 1971: US3620241 (42 worldwide citation)

In a water purification system wherein a supply of pressurized, potable, product water is to be dispensed as required, and a small volume flow of nonpressurized byproduct waste water is to be discharged to a potentially contaminated drain, a combination plumbing fixture comprises a body with a valve ...

Robert L Somerville, Samuel F Sweat, John L Sullivan: Method of converting brines to useful products. Killworth Gottman Hagan & Schaeff, January 6, 1987: US04634533 (41 worldwide citation)

A process is provided for the recovery of one or more useful products including fertilizer, animal feed supplements, iron oxide, magnesia, salt, purified brine, and purified water from brines. The source of the brines can be oil and gas field wastes, seawater or effluent from a seawater desalination ...

Theodore A Kuepper: Zero waste effluent desalination system. Marvin E Jacobs, May 28, 1996: US05520816 (41 worldwide citation)

The present invention is directed to a water desalination system that can be used in a home or commercial entity which uses a reverse osmosis or nanofilter membrane element in a unique flow configuration which promotes self cleaning of a membrane element to prevent a buildup of salts and minerals on ...

Walter Patapoff, Jim Lung Wong: Miniaturized handheld desalination field unit. November 11, 1997: US05685980 (40 worldwide citation)

A water purification unit including a water inlet having a filter adapted to remove undissolved contaminants from a raw water source. The water inlet is coupled to a water reservoir including a semi-permeable membrane adapted to remove dissolved contaminants from raw water source. The filter and the ...

Bresler Sidney A: Desalination process. Bresler and Associates, February 1, 1972: US3639231 (40 worldwide citation)

Brackish water is desalinated by contacting it with one or more ion exchange resins followed by reverse osmosis. Brine rejected in reverse osmosis treatment can be used to regenerate a used ion exchange resin.

Joseph Yaeli: Method and apparatus for processing liquid solutions of suspensions particularly useful in the desalination of saline water. Benjamin J Barish, March 24, 1992: US05098575 (39 worldwide citation)

A method and apparatus for reducing the concentration of a first substance in a first liquid by: (a) subjecting the first liquid to natural osmosis, via a first semipermeable body, with respect to an intermediate liquid, which intermediate liquid is a solution or suspension of a second substance in ...

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